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Cotton Fabric for Napkins vs. Towel

Recently, the popularity of "cotton tissue paper for face" has attracted a lot of attention and won the love of many friends, which puts the status of the towel in jeopardy. Is the towel not working? Or is the soft cotton napkin too great? I believe you can't wait to know the answer! Today, let's talk to you about soft cotton napkins and towels.

Ⅰ. Soft cotton napkin vs. towel

1. Cotton fabric for napkins

Cotton fabric for napkins is a disposable product, so there is no need to worry about bacterial growth over time, and their safety is guaranteed. Moreover, the material is soft, skin-friendly, and not easy to damage the skin. It does not need to be wrung out or cleaned after use, which is very convenient. Even if it is a business trip, there is no need to worry about using hotel towels to be unsanitary. It is convenient and hygienic to carry.

2. Towels

Towels have dander and sebum, are relatively wet, and tend to harbor bacteria that can build up over time. However, it can be used as long as it is cleaned. Too much bacteria does increase risk, though, and isn't very friendly to people with immune deficiencies or skin problems. To avoid skin problems, keep the following points in mind when using towels:

(1) After washing your face, do not hang the towel in the wet bathroom, take out the towel and bathe in the sun to eliminate bacteria.

(2) Use towels separately to reduce the number of wetting.

(3) Regularly replace new towels according to the actual situation, usually once every 3 months.

So after we all know the advantages and disadvantages of towels and cotton fabric for napkins, we must have the correct way to wipe our faces! For friends with good skin, you can choose according to personal habits. It depends on whether we choose to use clean, convenient and hygienic soft cotton napkins or cost-effective towels. If our skin is sensitive, prone to acne and dry skin, it is because the cuticle is thin, and it is best to use a cotton fabric for napkins to wash our face.

Ⅱ. Cotton fabric for napkins is really convenient and hygienic, so what should you pay attention to when purchasing?

(1) According to different materials, the first choice is 100% cotton fiber, which is soft and delicate, can reduce the skin keratin damage caused by friction, and does not contain fragrance and fluorescent agent, so it is good for the skin.

(2) From the perspective of thickness, the thicker it is, the stronger the water-locking power is, so that the face can be quickly wiped dry and it is not easy to dry out.

Ⅲ. Other uses of cotton fabric for napkins

(1) Makeup remover: The cotton fabric for napkins has good toughness and is not easy to deform. It can be wiped repeatedly, so it is popular for removing makeup.

(2) Exfoliation: Use a cotton fabric for napkins dipped in lotion and gently wipe the entire face to exfoliate.

(3) The mask can be wiped off: If you clean it directly by hand, it is time-consuming and easy to strain the skin. Quick scrubbing with a cotton facial tissue saves time and effort.

(4) Baby cleaning: The cotton fabric for napkins made of pure cotton is very soft, and it is the same after being wet, and will not cause damage to the baby's skin.

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