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Environmental Protection and Health: Organic Cotton Sanitary Napkins

In recent years, there have been frequent outbreaks of hygiene problems related to sanitary napkins, which have aroused the concern of women. Indeed, such intimate supplies as this is essential for women, so the problems related to it will not only endanger health, but also lead to a decline in the quality of life and other issues, which should be paid more attention to. Organic cotton sanitary napkins are said to be very good, is it true?

However, for the pursuit of high quality of life of women, choose the regular manufacturers of sanitary towels can no longer meet their needs. More clean, comfortable sanitary napkins is their choice. Organic cotton sanitary napkins is the quality goods that can meet these conditions.

1. Organic cotton sanitary napkin is made of a new developed fabric

Because the entire process of its production is purely natural, non-polluting, so it is called organic. Even if it is applied to the processing and production of products, it is also required to be pollution-free. Therefore, we will often learn about the organic fabric manufacturing intimate apparel, baby clothes, etc., which means this fabric is healthier and more comfortable.

Everyone must be familiar with organic products. They generally refer to plants or poultry cultivated in a green and pollution-free way. It is already a relatively common way of cultivation and production in the food industry. Organic food has also been favored and sought after by everyone who pursues the quality of life.

Organic cotton is similar. Organic cotton is cotton that has been cultivated and produced in a natural way without chemical intervention. Organic cotton sanitary napkins are healthy and pure, almost pollution-free. Although some of them are inferior to non-organic processed cottons in color and luster, their quality and body feel are definitely comparable or even better.

2. What about sanitary napkins made of organic cotton?

Although the technology of organic farming has been more mature, but the yield of organic cotton will still be lower than that of the conventional chemical production method, so the price of organic cotton sanitary towels will be higher. But this higher price is worth it: organic cotton is more pure and healthy, and can better protect women's physiological health. At the same time, the texture of organic cotton is soft, so that women can enjoy a better care experience.

Organic cotton sanitary napkins are more elastic, less prone to wrinkling, and softer and more comfortable than other cover materials. Organic cotton has good breathability, absorbs sweat quickly, is not sticky, and does not generate static electricity, which can better care for the skin. It has the characteristics of natural and pollution-free, and can maintain a constant temperature at any time to prevent eczema, and can better maintain the care of women's menstrual private care. Because organic cotton materials have more advantages, the price will be higher than other materials. High-quality factories have complete organic cotton fabrics. It is good to choose such fabrics as the surface layer of sanitary napkin products, but the cost of the product also needs to be considered.