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Feminine Care Trends Set New Performance Requirements

In recent years, the health industry has undergone tremendous changes, especially in the feminine care industry. With the market demand for feminine sanitary products and new challenging changes, a variety of innovations have emerged to meet the wide-ranging needs of a highly diversified user group.

One user group that has a significant impact on the direction of the feminine care market is the millennials. They account for approximately 31% of the global population and now we are entering their golden buying year. This group of major buyers is guided by their selective buying model and considers health and wellness every time they purchase. These purchasing decisions have led to launch of new eco hygiene products in different regions and reshaped the performance targets of the component materials involved in female hygiene wipes.

1. The market trend of global feminine sanitary products

An obvious trend in the female market that caters to active lifestyles and increased functional needs is the increase in innovations in terms of healthy skin and odor control. These include products with antibacterial functions, the use of additives, and internal absorption layers. These layers have the characteristics of trapping or masking the odor of private areas after long hours of work or activity.

One growing market is the eco-friendly feminine sanitary product market, which is not limited to wholesale sanitary napkin pads. The environment-conscious generation can choose menstrual cups and reusable menstrual underwear. People around the world in the health industry are creating diversified niche products to cope with this growing consumption trend. The functional changes of feminine care products are also widely spread around the world. These special innovations are designed to make users' lives easier and avoid interfering with their daily work. Products that increase the flexibility of pad cores can be provided in Asia. In Latin America, there are underwear linings specially designed to adapt to different types of underwear, as well as two-in-one versions that do not need to have another spare lining. These global trends provide manufacturers of absorbent sanitary products with opportunities to differentiate themselves through innovations that meet consumer needs and increase production efficiency.

2. The trend of feminine sanitary products sets new performance requirements

In order to meet the demand for products that adapt to an active lifestyle and provide more functions, manufacturers of nonwoven hygiene products have developed an innovative and high-performance new positioning adhesive. This new positioning grade was created by skilled chemists, drawing on the experience accumulated by global companies in the fiercely competitive Asian market, and developing a product that is strong enough to adapt to the various base materials used in the female market.

Compared with other positioning adhesives on the market, this new positioning grade ensures that it always has a higher peel value under the effective coating weight. Even though there are different types of clothing fabrics, such as cotton, polyester, and microfiber, it is an excellent choice to adapt to changing market needs.

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