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How to Apply Your Toner: spray vs cotton pad?

What is the best way to apply toner?

Toners are usually applied to the face by spraying or wiping on, but application methods do vary. While spritzing on toner is quick and easy for hydration, a toner-soaked cotton pad (or reusable pad) is recommended for wiping your face.

And not all toners can be sprayed out in the form of "nozzles". This is often because these toners may contain a relatively large number of ingredients that have emulsifying and thickening effects. For example, if we are familiar with carbomer, xanthan gum, panthenol, and hyaluronic acid ingredients, if they are added in a higher content, the toner will also become "thickened" and have some "thickness". In this case, the nozzle that atomizes the liquid will not work.

On the other hand, some raw materials may be volatile, such as alcohol; or have a special smell, such as fermentation products. When the concentration of such ingredients is high, it is designed in the form of a spray, which may have some irritation or unpleasant feelings on the vulnerable areas of the face such as the eyes, lips, nose (nasal mucosa), etc. It is more suitable to gently apply it on the face with hands superior.

One of the main benefits of a toner is that it removes residue and impurities from the skin; thus, the wiping action helps remove traces of dirt, bacteria, makeup and impurities that can linger after washing your face with a cleanser . It is more common to use it by patting it with your hands. Pour the toner into the palm of your hand and spread it, and pat the water on your hand into the skin. Many people agree that patting can make the toner absorb better.

1. It is not conducive to skin absorption by hand

Many people directly pour the toner on their hands, and then pat it directly with their hands. In fact, sometimes our face is not easy to absorb it, and sometimes the hands will take away some of the toner's moisture. Moreover, some people's skin is not easy to absorb, and the effect of applying it directly with hands is not so good.

2. Using cotton pads can play a secondary cleaning role

The toner acts as a second cleansing and moisturizing effect. Gently pressing it with a cotton pad on the face will act as a second cleansing effect, which will also allow the skin to better absorb it. Sometimes our hands are not clean, and patting directly with our hands will cause secondary dirt on the face, so that not only the skin will not absorb water, but also the pores will be clogged. Click for high quality cotton pads wholesale and get more information right now.

How to apply toner with cotton pad?

1. Use a cotton pad for face to dip in the toner and apply it, which can also cleanse again while moisturizing.

2. Apply the toner to the face by patting. Fully pat all parts of the face to help absorb the toner.

3. When patting, the strength should not be too heavy. It must be bottom-up and counteract the gravity. If it is top-down, it will aggravate the gravitational effect and cause the skin to sag.

How to apply toner without cotton pad?

The correct application of toner requires the use of cotton pads. If there is no cotton pad temporarily, you can directly apply it with the palm of your hand, provided that your hands are hygienic.

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