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How to Choose Suitable Cotton Pads

1. The materials of cotton pads

In general, cotton pads are small pieces of cotton about 5-6 centimeters made of cotton or paper pulp, which plays a very important role in skincare.

There are three main types of cotton pads, pure cotton pads, cotton pads with mixed materials, and non-woven fabrics cotton pads.

Pure cotton pads: They are soft and comfortable with little friction on the skin, and they can be torn into multiple pieces for wet compresses. However, they are relatively thick with large water absorption. In addition, they are highly comfortable to use without stimulation, fluorescence, or sensitization. And they are environmentally friendly.

Cotton pads with mixed materials: They use most cotton mixed with a small amount of fiber, which is soft and tough. They are suitable for makeup removal. However, they have high friction, people with sensitive skin should be careful when using them.

Non-woven fabrics cotton pads: They are light and water-saving. And they are large, pullable, and suitable for wet compress. However, they are not suitable for wiping and makeup removal. And the types of spunlace nonwoven fabric used are various including makeup remover cotton padsmedical cotton pads, cosmetic cotton pads, etc.

Note: Since makeup cotton is directly in contact with the skin, natural cotton is the softest and most comfortable material. Artificial fibers should be avoided. In addition, the addition of any chemicals should be avoided as well.

2. The forms of cotton pads

Pressed edge: The cotton pads with pressed edges are not easy to drop flocculation, and it is not easy to exudate water and waste lotion during use.

Non-pressed edge: The cotton pads with non-pressed edges are more suitable for separate use according to the needs. When purchasing, you need to pay attention to its ductility and whether it is easy to drop flocculation.

Full edge: It has both the convenience of the cosmetic cotton pads with a pressed edge and the thickness of cotton pads with a non-pressed edge. It has high technical requirements for the tissue paper to ensure that it does not wrinkle.

3. The thickness of cotton pads

The quality of cotton pads is not determined by thickness or thinness. The key to quality cotton pads is that they do not drop residue and do not deform after use. Thicker cotton pads are more comfortable to use than thinner ones, but they absorb more water. However, please do not use thin cotton pads because of fear of waste. The thickness should be sufficient so that the lotion can absorb enough water. In this way, the skin feels very comfortable and there is no stimulation caused by excessive friction.

4. The application of cotton pads

Pure cotton pads can be used for wiping lotion and skincare. Both pure cotton pads and cotton pads with mixed materials can be used for makeup removal, nail polish removal and secondary cleaning. Non-woven fabrics cotton pads with a non-pressed edge can be used for wet compresses.

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