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How To Choose The Best Chronic Wound Care Products

Chronic wounds have major health implications that need to be tackled with the utmost care and precision before they snowball into something even serious. A very important element in chronic wound care is the products that are used for treating these wounds. Choosing the right dressing can be an overwhelming task for health practitioners and clinicians – as there are currently more than 6000 chronic wound care products for sale in the market.

Each chronic wound is different and unique hence needs to be treated differently to manage the underlying condition effectively. Clinicians need to analyse the wound type, its history, underlying medical condition, aetiology of the wound, and the treatment it has received before they can start the wound care. Chronic wound care dressings are designed to facilitate debridement, stopping of any bleeding, and protection of the wound. It usually comes with its own set of guidelines of “how-to” use.

Questions Healthcare Providers Need to Ask Themselves Before Starting Chronic Wound Care

  • What is the Type of Wound?

Check if the wound is of partial or full thickness and if it has tunnelling. A wound that has dead space need to be tied loosely and it always must be able to hold its shape. Dressings that come apart do not serve the purpose.

  • Does the Wound Drain? If yes, Then How Much?

If the wound is mostly dry, then the dressing can be used for a bit longer time, as this will allow for consistent temperature to be maintained around the wound. However, if the wound keeps draining puss and other liquids, then specialised dressingsdesigned to soak excess liquids needs to be used to keep the area free from infections. In such cases, the wound dressing will need to be changed quite often hence it may make sense to buy chronic wound care products in advance to avoid running out of these.

  • What is the Size of the Dressing That Should be Used?

The size of the dressing matters a lot, especially in chronic wounds. Clinicians need to make sure the wound is covered completely, which means the dressing needs to be a bit bigger and made of super-absorbent material. This helps in protecting the periwound and avoiding maceration of the skin around the wound.

  • How Often Dressings Need to be Changed?

The time to change the dressing needs to be decided depending on whether the wound is dry or draining. Dressings are designed to soak excess puss or liquids from wounds, keep them clean with the antibacterial properties it contains, and out of contact from other surfaces. Suitable time durations will be decided based on when these parameters are not being met.

Chronic wound care products prices vary from product to product this may also become a deciding factor in selecting a dressing or wound care product. Also, in cases where certain types of chronic wounds are seen more often caregivers should prefer to buy chronic wound care products on wholesale or wound care supplies on wholesale.

  • What Characterises Chronic Wound Care Dressing?

Wound care products are designed to provide the best environment and protection to wounds so they may heal faster without undergoing any further complications. They may have characteristics such as –

Debriding Formulas

The process of removal of dead tissues from wounds is called debridement. This is a crucial step that is carried out by the appropriate dressing as it helps avoid unwanted infections. Doctors and specialised nurses trained to do debridement can perform this procedure using scalpel however an appropriate dressing can do the trick as well.

Antimicrobial Dressing

According to health practitioners and caregivers, bacterial growth is the foremost reason for wounds to turn into chronic wounds. These bacteria grow and create biofilm that keeps the bacteria in a slimy solution. Newer antimicrobial dressings are designed to avoid such colonisation of bacteria and aid speedy recovery of the wounds.

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