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Is It Better for Sanitary Pads to Have Stronger Absorbency?

Women use sanitary pads every month to deal with those "troublesome days". When it comes to choosing sanitary pads, most people tend to choose types with strong absorption and freshness, but does strong absorption mean good quality?

Strong absorption does not necessarily mean good quality

"Not only does it have strong absorption, but also good protection", this is the advertising slogan of most sanitary pads. Many women also choose sanitary pads with strong absorption and good protection, thinking that they can use the same pad for a long time and save a lot of trouble. However, this idea is wrong because menstrual blood contains rich nutrients that can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore, sanitary pads must be changed frequently.

When using sanitary pads, remember to change them every two hours; be careful when using medicated pads to prevent allergies; always wash your hands before opening the pad.

Allergic reactions to sanitary pads are not small matters

Some women have itching, discomfort, and other allergic reactions when using sanitary pads. Some people think that this phenomenon is temporary and will get better over time; some people will take some anti-allergy drugs. In fact, the only way to prevent allergies is to avoid allergens, so once you feel itchy and uncomfortable, stop using this type of sanitary pad immediately, and preferably identify the allergenic components (the most common is the fragrance in the pad).

People with sensitive skin should use sanitary pads made of cotton instead of synthetic fibers. Synthetic fiber pads absorb quickly, but cotton pads are softer and less irritating to the skin. In addition, allergies are more likely to occur in summer due to local moisture accumulation, so it is especially important to change sanitary pads frequently.

Experts say that the cleanliness of menstrual products is particularly important. This is because the pelvic cavity, uterus, cervix, and vagina are all connected to the external environment, making the female reproductive system particularly vulnerable to external pathogenic attacks. During menstruation, the resistance of the reproductive organs decreases, making them more fragile than usual. If non-standard sanitary pads are used, infections are more likely to occur.

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