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Is It Necessary to Use Disposable Toilet Seat Cushions?

Disposable toilet seat cushions are usually used in business trips to hotels, or hospitals and other public places. Non-disposable toilet seat cushions or toilet seat mats can be used at home.

1. Use method of disposable toilet seat cushion

In public restrooms, we usually have disposable toilet seat cushions, and we have to pull the seat cushion out of the place where it's placed, just like we use reusable bags. Next, carefully lay the disposable toilet seat cushion on top of the toilet seat. At this time, the paper fold in the middle of the disposable toilet cover paper should hang down to the bottom. Generally, it can be used after laying. The use of disposable toilet cover paper is as follows:

(1) Take the toilet cover paper out along the package.

(2) Pull the toilet cover paper off from the left and right nodes and the front nodes. The extra piece in the middle is the natural droop of the paper tongue.

(3) Lay the toilet cover paper flat along the toilet seat, and then pull the paper tongue of toilet cover paper down, do not break it.

(4) Therefore, people can sit on the toilet seat cushion to use it. After that, you can remove the disposable toilet seat cushion, and then directly throw in the garbage can or throw in the toilet, which can also be decomposed naturally. But in order to prevent the jamming in toilet, it is still recommended to put in the garbage can.

Disposable toilet cover paper is very simple and easy to use. In fact, it is a sanitary paper pad, and the paper pad can directly be put on the toilet to use. Generally it is used outside in the public toilet, and the disposable toilet seat cushion is generally very cheap, as long as it is a formal brand of toilet seat cushion in line with the relevant national health standards.

2. Disposal of disposable toilet seat cushion after use

Because it's a disposable toilet seat cushion, we can throw it straight down the toilet after use. The toilet seat cushions are designed to be water-soluble, which will not clog the toilet. If it is placed in other trash cans, there may be some other pollution. And if you go out a lot, it is recommended to carry some disposable toilet seat cushions in your bag.

3. It is necessary to use disposable toilet seat cushions

It is not necessary to use disposable toilet seat cushions if you are in your own home, but it is necessary to use disposable toilet seat cushions if you are in public places equipped with disposable toilet cover paper. Because the toilet is in direct contact with people to a certain extent, and human feces and other items may be accidentally splashed on the toilet, so there is a certain risk of infection to some diseases, so the use of disposable toilet cover paper is also necessary.

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