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Let the Cotton Kiss the Skin Directly

Cotton soft towel is a kind of cotton soft towel made of 100% pure natural cotton. Because it is produced by advanced cotton spunlace non-woven technology and then processed by high pressure steam sterilization, it has the characteristics of soft and delicate, good water absorption and no scraps of paper. It is a new environmentally friendly alternative to paper towels, facial cotton pads, face towels and other products.

Whether it is practical or suitable for people, it is so comprehensive that it is impossible to pick out its shortcomings. Today, with the increasing emphasis on environmental protection and people's increasing requirements for quality of life, we can boldly predict that cotton soft towels will definitely be gradually affordable and popularized in the future.

1. Start with cotton fiber and choose a high-quality cotton soft towel

The quality of cotton determines the quality of cotton soft towels. Long-staple cotton is the first choice for high-quality cotton fibers because of its slender fibers, white color and high elastic strength. Good cotton = good soft towels. Let's understand why many mothers have to go out with two kinds of paper towels at the same time before there are wet and dry wipes. When babies play with dirt or touch dirty things outside, mothers often take out wet paper towels. At this time, wet paper towels contain moisture, so it is more convenient to clean the stains. When the baby urinates, washes hands with water, or has a runny nose, it is much easier for mothers to take out a cotton soft towel and clean.

2. Dry and wet cotton soft towel, soft and skin-friendly

There is always a situation where you need the softness of the wet wipe tissue, but at this time you don't need the moisture of the wet wipe tissue for the time being, so there is the existence of wet and dry towels. If you want your hands to be soft and not dry, but also refuse the cold feeling of wet wipe tissue, wet and dry towel is your best choice!

Wet and dry cotton soft towel is your best choice. It is made of plant fiber non-woven fabric, which is more closely spaced than ordinary non-woven fabrics. The material is delicate, so it feels super soft to the touch and feels like being hugged by cotton. No matter whether you use it wet or dry, it does not fall off the scraps and flakes. It is so soft and skin-friendly, so how can you worry about it hurting your baby's skin? It not only uses natural raw materials, but also does not contain harmful ingredients such as fluorescent agents and preservatives. You only need to combine it with water to quickly change from a soft dry tissue to a wet tissue. It is convenient and safe to use it. From cotton to soft towel, no chemical softener is added so as to give the skin the most authentic cotton touch.

3. Cotton tissue paper conforms to the safety standard of Class A

The eco cotton towels meets the safety standard of Class A for infants and young children, and meets the use standards of all daily needs. According to the data report: the number of bacteria in the towel used for 3 months is about 1 million = the bacteria exceeds the standard by 125 times = 10 cups of rag water. In short, using a towel to clean your face is equivalent to wiping your face with a rag, and the longer the towel is used, the harder the surface of the towel, the more it will hurt and irritate our delicate skin. Cotton soft towel is a product that subverts traditional paper towels and towels. It can replace the towel to clean the skin. With the infinite gentleness and absolute safety of natural cotton, it brings a new experience of cleansing.

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