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Non-woven Bags Are a Bright Sign of the Environmental Protection Industry

1. The material of the non wovens bag is a new generation of environmentally friendly materials

Non wovens are moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, light, non-flammable, easy to decompose, non-toxic and non-irritating, rich in color, low in price, and recyclable. The material of the paper bag is wood pulp, and wood pulp should be obtained from a large number of trees. Therefore, in terms of the material, the non wovens bag is more environmentally friendly.

2. Using non wovens bags can make a contribution to environmental protection

With the deepening of the awareness of environmental protection and low carbon, energy-intensive industries in the country are also accelerating and deepening their transformation. Some high-pollution and high-emission enterprises need to reduce energy consumption through new energy-saving and emission-reduction measures. Some new environmental protection industries have gradually begun to grow rapidly, and among them, the non wovens bag industry is an outstanding representative. Maybe a few years ago, people rarely saw non wovens bags in their lives, but with the rapid development in the past few years, non woven bag has been widely used in our lives. This environmentally friendly and durable shopping bag is greatly favoured by everyone.

Introducing the idea of low carbon and environmental protection into every corner of our lives, implementing environmental protection with our practical actions, and using degradable non wovens bags are of great significance to reducing the generation of white waste. At present, more and more customers are advertising and promoting their products through a series of non wovens eco bags, because choosing this environmentally friendly publicity method is also a way worth promoting.

In order to effectively control the pollution of plastic bags to the environment, Winner Medical is committed to the research and development of pure cotton non wovens fabric, which can be used as a substitute for plastic bags in various scenes of daily life. In the current consumer market environment, consumers are willing to pay for environmentally friendly high-value non wovens bags, and governments around the world have also introduced policies to restrict the use of plastic bags. Based on this situation, the market for environmentally friendly non wovens bags is promising!

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