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The First Choice for Tissue Paper is High-quality ​cotton Paper Towel

To judge whether a person is meticulous or not, it depends on his attitude towards the little things and details. Attention to detail also makes a big difference to your quality of life. Don't save money at the cost of lowering life quality, even in terms of the simplest household paper. The most attractive part of cotton soft towels is that they are great both internally and externally, with many uses, which are comfort and healthy.

1. Both internal and external high quality of cotton paper towel

Cotton paper towel can be used both wet and dry. It won't shed scraps after getting wet, which feels like a small towel, and can perfectly replace wet paper towels. Wet paper towels are not suitable for use in winter, because they are cold. Compared with the original old products, this cotton paper towel is 75% thicker and 10% bigger. With high-quality embossing, it has special texture, so it can be used for cleaning and skin care. One side is the plain weave, which can provide the gentle using experience, and can be used to wipe moisture. Another side is the pearl thick pattern with the three-dimensional bumps, so it can achieve double cleaning effect.

2. Cotton paper towel has many uses

Cotton soft towel can be used as a face towel, which is easy to extract, with one piece at a time, and it is not easy to breed bacteria and mites. As a cosmetic towel, it is thick. One piece of cotton paper towel is equivalent to three cotton pads. When it is used to cover the whole face, it is delicate and soft. Don't throw away the used cotton towel, because you can also use it to wipe the table and dusty places. A cotton towel has many uses and is necessary for life.

3. Cotton paper towel is comfortable and healthy

The professional manufacturers of cotton paper towel have always adhered to the principle of zero addition, no fluorescent agent, no formaldehyde, no flavor and other chemical components. Because it is free of additives, it is healthier, and children and people with sensitive skin can use it with confidence, and it is not easy to cause redness and allergies after repeated wiping. The raw material is equally important. It uses pure natural plant fiber. The raw material comes from the equator and receives sufficient sunlight. After many years of growth, it is used for fiber processing and production. It is made into fiber ball, so it is delicate and skin friendly inside the paper towel. The pure natural wood source is selected, and the plant fiber extracted from it can be naturally degraded and returned to nature. This is exactly the essence of life: coming from nature and returning to nature. With it, people can lead an environmental protection and low-carbon life.

If there is no tissue, there is no sense of security, and cotton paper towel occupies an important position in our lives unconsciously. Winner Medical starts from a simple but firm dream: to guide people away from chemical stimulation and return to a sustainable and healthy life. In 2005, we independently developed cotton spunlace non woven fabrics and obtained patents in more than 30 countries around the world, and studied the application of spunlace non woven fabrics in the personal care industry, including hygiene care, cosmetic care, wipes and medical care.

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