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The Soft Cotton Towel is Flexible and Does Not Fall off Paper Scraps, Caring for the Baby's Skin

1. Wipe with dry cotton tissue paper, clean with wet wipes

Some soft cotton napkins can be used both wet and dry. Dry tissue papers are used to wipe the baby's small hands, mouth, and other parts. When the baby sweats a lot in summer, it will be wiped with dry tissue paper, which is very natural and friendly and will not damage the baby's delicate skin. If there are oil stains left on the baby's mouth, the buttock of the baby is sticky, or the little hands are dirty after playing with toys, moisten this soft cotton napkin with warm water to make it more comfortable, and then clean these parts of the baby well, which is very important. It is easy to clean, especially in winter, and it will not let the baby feel cold.

2. The soft cotton napkin is soft and skin-friendly, not easy to fall off paper scraps

Some soft cotton napkins of poor quality after one use will have problems such as falling off paper scraps and pilling, but high-quality soft cotton napkins are different. They use high-quality cotton fibers and are made of unique spunlace non-woven technology, so the cloth body is tight and will not easily fall off paper scraps or have pilling. When wiping the baby's body, it is soft and skin-friendly and cares for the baby's tender skin.

The unique spunlace non-woven technology makes the cloth thick and tight, making the soft cotton napkin more flexible and resistant to pull. For some dirty things, it will not leak easily; for example, when the baby has a runny nose, a soft cotton napkin can wipe it clean directly, and wiping the snot will not cause it to penetrate and cause unsanitary conditions.

3. More applications of soft cotton napkin

Do you think a soft cotton napkin can only be used to wipe the body of children? You are wrong because it has many uses. For example, it can be used for wiping things with a great cleaning effect; When it is used to wipe the tabletop, no stains will remain; when it is used to remove makeup, put the makeup remover on a soft cotton napkin to remove makeup.

4. The soft cotton napkin is compact and easy to carry

What I have to say is that the shape of the soft cotton napkin is very small, and it is very convenient to carry out. Every time you take the baby out, you can put a bag of soft cotton napkins in the mummy bag. There are many occasions where it can be used. If the paper towels are too large, it is not convenient to carry them out. It is also very simple to use soft cotton napkins. It can be torn along the tear line at the top of the packaging bag. It is very convenient to extract and use directly.

5. Soft cotton napkin has gone through a strict quality inspection and safe production

In terms of the things that the baby's skin should be in close contact with, the production requires extra attention. The high-quality soft cotton napkin has been certified by the European Union, and it has undergone a strict quality inspection. There are also test reports. There are no unsafe ingredients added. Processes from R&D to production have also undergone strict control with automated production equipment and multiple purification technologies, which can ensure the safety of the baby's skin.

The safe care of a baby's skin needs to start with some small details. Apart from skincare products, the wipes must also be soft and comfortable. Soft cotton napkins from Winner Medical are cost-effective and have no quality problems. Buy it for sure!

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