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The Towel to Wipe the Face is out of Fashion! Facial Cleaning Ushered in the Era of Cotton Soft Towels

In recent years, it has become a habit for consumers to give priority to hoarding various paper products when encountering big promotion activities on e-commerce retail platforms. And with the increasing trend of quality consumption, in addition to paper towels commonly used at home, paper products are also "penetrating into and upgrading" consumers' daily lives in all aspects. For example, face towels at home have been gradually replaced by antibacterial and healthy disposable cotton tissue paper for face in recent years; at the same time, wet toilet paper has also stood firm beside the toilet thanks to the clean and comfortable "royal" experience. Under the trend of refined consumption of cleaning products, a "bathroom revolution" initiated by cotton soft towels, wet toilet paper and other cotton paper categories is quietly happening.

1. Health awareness drives the upgrade of national cleaning needs, and the consumption of cotton tissue paper shows a high growth

After the epidemic, the public's health awareness has been significantly improved, which has directly driven the upgrade of cleaning needs, attracting many paper manufacturers to enter the tissue paper market one after another. The top three sales in the cotton tissue paper category are wet wipes, cotton soft towels and wet toilet paper. Among them, the sales of cotton soft towels have reached 50 times that of the same period of the previous year, and the growth rate is particularly amazing.

The development has greatly met consumers' strong demand for cotton tissue paper products, met consumers' all-round cleaning and subdivision needs, and added help to consumers to create a refined and quality life. This also led to the rapid growth of brand-related categories. The cotton tissue paper for face is an independent business line. Cotton tissue paper products are also one of the categories with the highest growth rate of the brand in recent years, and are an important part of the brand's overall layout in the fast-moving consumer goods field.

It is worth noting that in terms of specific geographical distribution, cotton tissue paper, which represents the "product of the progress of the times", is generally welcomed by consumers in first-and second-tier cities, which is complementary to the driving force of consumption upgrades. While third-to-sixth-tier markets are mostly staying in the pragmatic "rigid demand stage", consumers pay more attention to household paper categories such as tissue paper, rolled paper, and handkerchief paper. But what is certain is that with the refined development of cleaning supplies consumption, the cotton tissue paper category, which represents the trend of consumption upgrading, is also expected to usher in a broader growth space in the sinking market.

2. Young people born in 1995 especially love cotton tissue paper, and their cleaning needs are more high-end

The data shows that consumers aged 26 to 45 are still the main consumers of facial cotton tissue products. Among them, the proportion of young people aged 16 to 25 has increased the most, consumers aged 16 to 25 prefer to buy clean and dry towels, and consumers aged 26 to 35 prefer to buy cotton soft towels. Factors such as the toughness of the paper, the softness of the paper, the presence or absence of paper scraps, and the presence or absence of hormones are also important considerations for consumers in their purchasing decisions. Under the trend of refined consumption, young consumers' demand for cleaning paper products has become more high-end and segmented.

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