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What Do the Discolored Strip of Infant Diaper Mean?

A good diaper is a diaper that fits your baby. It is comfortable for the baby to wear, but not too tight. It is just right to keep the baby moist, protect the baby's delicate skin and reduce the occurrence of red bottom. This not only provides convenience for parents, but also gives comfort to the active baby. So, choose a good diaper from baby diaper supplier to keep your baby comfortable and healthy.

1. The discolored strip of infant diaper means whether the baby has peed: A discolored diaper is a sign of wetting

If the urine display has all changed color, it means that the infant diaper is full of urine and needs to be replaced. If there is no urine display line, you can also pinch the diaper with your hand, and if the diaper becomes a heap, it all means that it needs to be replaced. If the baby has a small amount of urine, it needs to be changed once every 4 hours. If the diaper's diaper line changes color while the baby is sleeping, there is no need to wake the baby up to change the diaper, it is best to wait until the baby shows signs of waking up to change the diaper.

When babies are sleeping, any external stimulation may affect their sleep, so it is important to make sure that the new baby diaper is dry before letting the baby sleep, so that you can prevent the diaper from needing to be changed at bedtime. After changing the diaper you should also observe if the baby's bottom is red, if so it should be cleaned and wait until the bottom is completely dry before changing a new infant diaper.

2. The correct use of infant diapers will not make the baby suffer

Children with too-tight infant diapers, like wearing tight underwear, will have a certain impact on the body. The choice is based on the elasticity of the waist, and if two fingers can be placed vertically, it is appropriate; at the groin, it is best to place the index finger flat. Generally speaking, the paper should have a void and good breathability. However, the use of poor-quality diapers can easily inflame the girl's urinary tract infection. In addition, as your baby grows and urinates more, it is important to choose diapers in bulk wholesale that absorb quickly.

Many mothers use diapers for their children because they want convenience, and some even want to take the opportunity to be free from worries. This is actually a misunderstanding. Even though diapers are breathable, when you first use them, your baby will show "resistance", most notably in the form of a red bottom. Some anxious parents think their children should not use it. In fact, they can get used to it after two weeks. The key is to master some methods.

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