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What is the Difference Between Liquid Sanitary Napkins and Regular Ones?

Liquid sanitary napkin is a hot product recently, and many people say that liquid sanitary napkin is better than ordinary sanitary napkin. So, let's take a look together next.

1. The difference between liquid sanitary napkins and ordinary sanitary napkins

(1) Liquid sanitary napkins

There is not much difference between liquid sanitary napkins and regular sanitary napkins. Liquid sanitary napkin has no liquid. But the absorption capacity is stronger than that of general sanitary napkin. Liquid sanitary napkins are made of liquid materials with a double-density absorbent layer: the upper layer absorbs, the lower layer locks in water, and it does not leak sideways or backwards. It is lighter and thinner than ordinary sanitary napkins, absorbing menstrual blood in large quantities. The surface is dry, and it has good elasticity, which is not easy to deform.

Liquid sanitary napkins are not actually liquid-like, but the raw material is derived from liquid material, which has the characteristics of thinness and high suction capacity, and many women are satisfied after using them. The liquid sanitary napkin has a double protection, the upper layer is more absorbent, while the lower layer is moisturizing, which can not only prevent side leakage, but also prevent back leakage. Many women who have used the sanitary napkin say it is very dry when they are using it and don't have to worry about leaking out. The absorption capacity of liquid sanitary napkins is better than that of general sanitary napkins. It is reported that after use, the traces of menstrual blood can not be seen from the front, but if you turn it over, you'll see a lot of menstrual blood. Of course, if you have a large amount, you can still see a little trace of menstrual blood flowing on the front.

(2) Ordinary sanitary napkins

General sanitary napkins may need to be changed frequently, but liquid sanitary napkins can be changed once every 4 to 5 hours. Different people have different opinions on this point. Some people think that using such sanitary napkins can reduce the number of sanitary napkin changes, while others think that this practice is very unhygienic.

2. The development history of the sanitary napkin industry

In the relatively primitive time, women had no way to deal with menstruation, at first using hay or leaves to wipe. With the emergence of human civilization, women began to use dried and processed hay, leaves, softened grass and animal fur, etc. Until the emergence of textile technology, fabric was invented, people began to use a variety of materials to make handmade menstrual products, which were used at this time can be washed and then used repeatedly.

In modern times, World War I was a turning point not only in human social history, but also in the development of women's menstrual products, and disposable sanitary belts began to appear and entered the era of industrial mass production. Although entering the era of disposable, this sanitary belt still needed to be fixed in use until 1969 when hot melt adhesive technology emerged and self-adhesive adhesive-backed sanitary napkins were invented. The advent of adhesive-backed technology was arguably the biggest invention in the history of feminine products. By the 1970s, with the advent of highly absorbent polymer resin materials, sanitary napkins began to become thinner and more absorbent. With the advent of the winged sanitary napkin, the history of the sanitary napkin industry was once again rewritten and the shape of the sanitary napkin was set in stone. Now, with the development of technology, sanitary napkin products are breaking away from the tradition. Liquid sanitary napkins and sanitary napkins with chips contribute a lot to the development of the sanitary napkin industry.

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