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What is the Difference Between the Mesh Surface and the Cotton Surface of the Sanitary Napkin?

In daily life, sanitary napkins are a very common feminine product, and every woman uses them when she has her period. There are many types of sanitary napkins, so is it better to have cotton or mesh sanitary napkins? In general, there are two kinds of sanitary napkins: cotton and mesh, both of which have a good effect on the use, and cannot be one-sided to say which is good and which is bad, we can choose according to our preferences. 

1. Use of sanitary napkins according to personal physique

Mesh sanitary napkins are more absorbent and have an instantaneous absorption effect, which can help keep the skin dry and effectively reduce humidity and stuffiness; cotton sanitary napkins are very mild, and for people with sensitive skin, cotton sanitary napkins do not cause discomfort and can prevent sanitary napkin allergies, but in terms of the sense of use, cotton sanitary napkins are not as refreshing as mesh sanitary napkins.

2. According to actual preferences and needs, choose sanitary napkins

(1) Mesh sanitary napkin

The main feature of mesh sanitary napkin is that the surface is mesh, so this kind of sanitary napkin is more breathable, with good absorption and breathability. For people who like the dry feeling, it is very good. 

(2) Cotton sanitary napkins

Cotton sanitary napkins, as the name implies, are made of pure cotton, characterized by softness, skin-friendly, no allergies or skin redness, less irritation to the human body, suitable for allergy-prone people to use.

Whether it is mesh sanitary napkin or cotton sanitary napkin, there are its own advantages and strengths, so choose mainly according to their own preferences and needs.

3. The difference between cotton and mesh sanitary napkins

(1) Different materials

Cotton sanitary napkins mainly refers to the sanitary napkin with the surface made of cotton materials, mainly the use of cotton non-woven fabrics; and mesh sanitary napkins are made using a variety of perforated film as raw materials, and the main material is polyethylene.

(2) Different breathability

Cotton sanitary napkin is more skin-friendly, and the main feature is soft, delicate, very suitable for people with sensitive skin; and because of some air holes, mesh sanitary napkin will be more dry.

(3) Different absorbency

Cotton sanitary napkins are mainly made of cotton non-woven fabrics, with better absorbency, and it is also more comfortable; while the main feature of mesh sanitary napkin is good breathability, and its absorbency is not as good as that of cotton sanitary napkin.

Normally, it is recommended that women change it every 2 hours, so as not to stimulate the pubic area, resulting in vulvar itching, skin redness and swelling. Secondly, if the sanitary napkin is not replaced, it will easily lead to bacteria and organisms in the women's pubic area, which may lead to gynecological infections, so it is recommended to change the sanitary napkin regularly during menstruation.

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