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What Kinds of Cosmetic Cotton Pads Are There?

Cosmetic cotton pads are an essential multipurpose product for skin care. There are many kinds of cosmetic cotton pads on the market. In fact, different kinds of cosmetic cotton pads will have different characteristics, and the scope of application is also different.

Ⅰ. Cosmetic cotton pad is generally divided into two categories: absorbent cotton and non-woven fabric

1. Absorbent cotton cosmetic cotton pad: thick, soft touch, when it is used to apply lotion, a large amount of it is needed, but it tends to drop cotton wool, water absorption is weak, but the texture is gentle, suitable for gently wiping keratine and face application.

2. Non-woven cosmetic cotton pad: relatively thin, rough touch, but with strong water absorption. According to the shape, it can be divided into three kinds: side edge pressing, no edge pressing and full covering.

(1) Cosmetic cotton pad with side edge pressing: suitable for lotion and thin texture of the emulsion. The design prevents moisture from seeping out and ensures that every drop of skincare ingredient is absorbed into the skin.

(2) Cosmetic cotton pad with no edge pressing: more suitable for simple mask, the thickness is generally 4 to 5mm, thicker material ensures it is convenient to peel the cotton into a thinner form, to ensure that the moisture is absorbed by the skin and will not overflow.

(3) Fully-wrapped cosmetic cotton pad: not only enjoys the convenience of edge pressing, but also retains the thickness of no edge pressing cosmetic cotton pad, but the technical requirements of outer layer of tissue paper are particularly high, which should ensure that there is no fuzz and wrinkle.

Ⅱ. Cosmetic cotton pads of different materials have different effects

We all know that the most common and best way to use cosmetic cotton pad is to apply lotion. But in fact, cosmetic cotton pads of different materials have different uses.

At present, the main materials of cosmetic cotton pad on the market are cotton, non-woven fabric, paper fiber and silk. Cosmetic cotton pads are gentle to the touch and do not cause skin irritation when wiped repeatedly, so they are a safe choice for applying makeup or removing makeup. However, cosmetic cotton pads are usually thicker, and the amount of care products used each time is relatively large, and they tend to leave cotton wool. In response to this situation, there are now cosmetic cotton pad made of paper fiber or polyester materials, which retain the soft properties of cotton, but also reduce residue. And spunlace nonwoven fabric and paper fiber cosmetic cotton pad is relatively thin, but the touch is not as soft as cotton, with a limited amount of water absorption. These two types of cosmetic cotton pads are easy and convenient to use with lotions or emulsions, and they are economical to use. Silk cosmetic cotton pads are gentle and will not cause irritation to the skin, and there is no need to worry about residue. This type of cosmetic cotton pads are not widely available on the market and are relatively expensive.

Women with sensitive skin are safer with cosmetic cotton pads wholesale (100% cotton will be marked on the packaging), and there are several types of absorbent cotton cosmetic cotton pads. One is covered with a layer of woven cloth outside, stuffed with cotton wool with side edge pressing, because it is soft enough. In addition to being great for applying lotion, it's also perfect for removing makeup. There is also a kind of cosmetic cotton pad characterized by direct cotton pressing, which cannot be used to remove makeup and is not suitable for applying lotion, but this kind of natural cosmetic cotton pads that easily fall off the cotton wool is very good for the face.

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