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Why Do Many Women Like to Use Organic Cotton Sanitary Napkins?

Women's menstrual cycle is generally 21-35 days, the number of days in each menstrual period is about 2-7 days, and the total amount of menstrual blood in each menstrual period is generally between 20-100 ml. According to the replacement of one sanitary napkin every two hours, at least six feminine sanitary napkins should be replaced and used a day, and the number of sanitary napkins used throughout the menstrual period is about 20-40 . Sanitary napkin fabrics, as an important part of women's private parts during menstruation, are particularly important in selection. At present, there are three kinds of organic cotton sanitary napkin fabrics on the market: pure cotton, cotton soft and dry.


Sanitary napkins are an inseparable necessities of life for every woman. Before sanitary napkins entered the market, most of the sanitary napkins on the market were made of pure cotton or gauze, and most of the internal materials were chemical polymer materials that swell with water. Let women who are menstruating suffer from discomfort such as dampness, bulging, and sultry heat. The organic pure cotton series of sanitary napkins and personal hygiene products came out on top, becoming the most popular sanitary napkins. So, what are the advantages of organic pure cotton sanitary napkins that consumers love so much? Let's analyze it in detail.


1. Raw materials of organic cotton feminine sanitary napkins


The most special thing about the organic pure cotton series sanitary napkins is that it has different raw materials from other sanitary napkins, but when it comes to organic pure cotton series sanitary napkins, we have to first popularize what is organic cotton? Organic cotton means: " Only cotton grown on natural soil without chemical fertilizers for more than three consecutive years " can become organic cotton. The surface mesh of the organic cotton sanitary napkin eco-sanitation product is made of this organic cotton, which ensures health from the soil.


2. Absorbent material of organic cotton sanitary napkin


At present, most of the absorbers of sanitary napkins are made of chemical polymer materials, which will become bulging after absorbing water, which is neither beautiful nor comfortable. However, the organic pure cotton sanitary napkin adopts an upgraded air cushion design, which does not contain any chemical absorption substances. Healthy and non-irritating, can achieve rapid absorption, no reverse osmosis.


3. Breathable and leak-proof design of organic cotton sanitary napkins


The organic cotton feminine sanitary napkin uses a soft porous design to ensure unobstructed air circulation, breathable and not stuffy, and always keep dry. There is also a 360 -degree safety and anti-side leakage design, so that female friends can feel free during menstruation.


After the above summary, I believe that everyone has understood the reason for the high sales of organic cotton sanitary napkins. Now, it has successfully entered the market in various countries, bringing a new green and healthy experience to the majority of women!