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Why Should Pregnant Women Wear Disposable Panty?

The birth of the baby made the whole family very happy. At this time, the adults in the family were almost all focused on taking care of the baby. However, the mother who has just given birth is the most painful, because there will be a lot of lochia after giving birth, which is different from that in the normal menstrual period. Due to the large amount of lochia, it is easy to stain the pants. Therefore, many mothers will choose to wear the disposable panty.

1. Reasons why pregnant women wear disposable panties

Disposable panty for pregnant is a great boon for postpartum mothers and is very practical. Since the duration and degree of postpartum lochia vary from person to person, it is very important to keep it clean and dry, and to be diligent in changing and washing. It is recommended to buy more packs of large disposable paper panty, which is convenient for you to change frequently, and can also reduce the workload of your family to take care of you after giving birth. In about 4 weeks after giving birth, there will be a lot of lochia, and often the pants will be dirty. If there is no one at home who can help to clean the panty, it is necessary to prepare disposable panties, so that you can throw it away after wearing it. Even if mother-in-law or husband is there, it will be embarrassed to let them help wash panties. And just after the baby was born, the family was busy taking care of the mother and the child. In fact, there was no way to make room for housework. So it is recommended to buy a few pairs of disposable panties for pregnant for use in the confinement period! It is totally affordable and hassle-free. Of course, when buying, try to choose the ones that are more relatively expensive and hygienic. After all, they are panties, and environmental protection and health are the most important.

2. Precautions for lying-in women wearing disposable panties

As we all know, pregnant mothers are more sensitive to many things, so it is very important to know the precautions for wearing disposable panties.

(1) Disposable panties should not be worn for a long time

Gynecological experts warn everyone that although disposable underwear is convenient, it should not be worn for a long time. If you accidentally buy the unqualified disposable panty, it may also cause skin allergies and even gynecological inflammation. Of course, mothers need to wear for a short period of time, so try to choose the disposable panty for pregnant with comfortable and breathable cotton fabrics.

(2) It is best to choose cotton panty

If it is not a special situation, women should try to choose pure cotton panty, because pure cotton material has good moisture absorption and breathability, which can provide the most comfortable feeling and the healthiest environment for women's private parts.

(3) Panty should be changed every day

Whether it is a disposable product or not, no matter how the material is modified, the panty should be replaced every day. Keeping the private parts clean and hygienic is the foundation of health. The disposable underwear for women is to prevent lochia from getting body dirty, and it is recommended to change them frequently.

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