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Winner Medical is Helping Out in Henan Province

Recently, Henan was hit by heavy rains, which greatly affected the safety and health of the locals. At Winner Medical, all of us are concerned about the disasters. We always share the same breath and destiny with our country and contribute our strength where the Party and people need it most!

Winner Medical, together with its sub-brand Purcotton, acted quickly to donate a total of over 18.55 million yuan in medical and hygiene and daily necessities. The first batch of hand-free disinfectant, nursing hygiene wipes, alcohol disinfection tablets, medical swabs, gauze bath towels and other supplies have been shipped to Henan. Purcotton also quickly mobilized personnel, goods and logistics to deliver a large number of sanitary napkins, cotton towels and other supplies to the local.






Winner Medical and Purcotton have always adhered to the principle of "social value over corporate value". In the Wenchuan earthquake, the Yushu earthquake, the COVID-19 pandemic and other socially critical times, we helped the disaster areas and practice corporate social responsibility. We are constantly safeguarding national health in practice.

Winner Medical and Purcotton denoted for the Henan Province, in conjunction with Shenzhen Women and Children's Development Foundation, Henan Institute for Children's Welfare, Women and Infants Hospital of Zhengzhou. We hope to help Henan out and combat against the challenges and difficulties at the moment.



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