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Winner Medical & Purcotton Won the "2022 Responsible Enterprise" Award

On December 8, the 18th China Corporate Social Responsibility Forum hosted by China News Service and China Newsweek was held online. Under the theme of "To Confidence: Driving the Future with Responsibility", the forum held a series of in-depth interviews with government, industry, universities and research institutes. Li Jianquan, chairman of Winner Medical and founder of Purcotton, said: "To practice social responsibility, we need to adhere to long-termism. We always adhere to the principle of 'social value before corporate value'. While actively creating economic value, we take the initiative to participate in social welfare and assume more responsibilities." The company also won the "2022 Responsible Enterprise" award for its outstanding contribution to ESG.


Deep cultivation in green industries

Coordination of social responsibility and enterprise management

It is the best annotation to the practice of Winner Medical in ESG to get into the game, insist on sustainable development and adhere to altruism. At that time, Li Jianquan found that cotton is not only breathable, comfortable and warm, but also an environmentally friendly fiber. It takes hundreds of years for chemical fibers to degrade, while cotton can be degraded in 3 months after being buried in the soil. At the same time, the planting process can effectively reduce soil erosion and improve desertification, which is of great significance to protect the earth's ecology. Therefore, based on medical technology, Winner Medical has established the whole industrial chain from cotton procurement to research and development, production to direct export in the early stage, and controls product quality, health and environmental protection at the source. Under the strategy of transforming from medical use to civil use, the company has strengthened the investment in the research and development of "cotton" and expanded its products from pure cotton tissue to all-cotton products in all varieties, hoping to bring more people a new choice of comfortable, healthy and environmentally friendly all-cotton life.


Based on the persistence of "cotton", the Purcotton has driven more enterprises to use cotton together and promoted the sustainable development of the cotton industry. According to internal statistics, the total amount of cotton purchased in the cotton era was 250,000 tons, 53.7 billion pure cotton tissue were sold, 14.08 million environmentally friendly nowoven bags were issued. Consequently, the number of trees being cut down is greatly reduced and the number of microplastics discharged to the sea is decreased, and social value of hundreds of millions of yuan is created.

Build a "Green Production Line"

Realize the sustainable development of the whole link

The concept of sustainable development is rooted in every link of Winner Medical from raw materials to consumption. Among them, the continuous innovation of product raw materials and production process is a powerful exploration and practice of Purcotton to build a green supply chain.

Thanks to the company's independent research and development of "100% cotton spunlaced non-woven fabric technology", the production time from raw cotton to finished product is reduced from 1 to 2 months to a few hours, so as to improve the production efficiency, reduce energy consumption; With the innovation of waterless process and gauze atomization washing process, greatly optimize the existing washing process, save a lot of water resources and reduce sewage discharge; The developed "plant dyeing" natural dye can effectively avoid the damage of traditional chemical dyes to the ecological environment and human health, promote the attribute upgrade and variety improvement of dyes in an all-round way, and realize energy saving and consumption reduction.


At the same time, Winner Medical actively promotes the construction of green factories, and improves the efficiency of energy utilization by means of energy conservation and emission reduction measures such as reclaimed water reuse, photovoltaic power generation, balanced power grid and waste heat recovery. In the future, we will also start the exploration and construction of smart factories, and build intelligent production workshops armed with AI technology, so as to realize unmanned assembly lines, black light workshops, and lighthouse factories.

Give back to the community as much as we can
We will continue to resonate with social development

As a major health enterprise with a medical background, Winner Medical is actively engaged in social welfare undertakings with the principle of giving priority to social values.


When the epidemic recurred, the Luding earthquake in Sichuan Province, the rainstorm in Henan Province and other emergencies came, the Winner Medical and PurCotton responded actively and donated medical, epidemic prevention and living security supplies worth more than 100 million yuan to hospitals, communities and universities all over the country in the first place to protect the front-line anti-epidemic soldiers and solve the urgent needs of the people. At the same time, it actively participates in the action of caring for women and children, fully fulfills its social responsibilities and practices its corporate values.

For Winner Medical, practicing social responsibility is a kind of long-term doctrine. At the beginning of this year, founder Li Jianquan put forward the long-term goal of sustainable development of the company: to achieve carbon peak and carbon neutrality 3 and 10 years ahead of the national level. Winner Medical hopes to drive the high-quality and sustainable development of the industry through practice, and realize the symbiosis and co-prosperity of enterprise value and social value.

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