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5 Essential Conditions for High-quality Cosmetic Cotton Pads

1. The makeup cotton family with many members

Whether it is pure cotton or fiber, thick or thin, edge-locked or printed, makeup cottons that can be used to care for the skin must use the highest safety level of absorbent cotton and fiber cotton as the main raw materials. However, the highest grade makeup cottons still use some animal fibers.

(1) Popular type: pure absorbent cotton. The cotton is chemically treated and degreased, which absorbs liquids more easily than ordinary cotton. It is the thickest of all kinds of makeup cottons, and some are embossed to keep the texture tight and not loose.

(2) The most skin-friendly type: pure fiber cotton. It is made of plant fiber or paper fiber through special treatment, and it feels smoother and thinner than pure absorbent cotton, and it fits better with the skin.

(3) Two-in-one type: fiber cotton + absorbent cotton. They are not chemically mixed, but just pressed together to synthesize the advantages of the two. Usually it is embossed on one or both sides, and it can be easily peeled off into thinner pieces for reuse.

(4) Mini mask type: non-woven cosmetic fabric. Like the mini version of the one-piece non-woven mask we usually use, it is soft and has minimal damage to the skin.

(5) Exclusive high-end type: animal fiber. It is made with organic wool as the main ingredient, and it has a softer texture and can only be used in toners, serums and lotions, but it is slightly more expensive.

2. The necessary conditions for high-quality makeup cottons

(1) Materials that do not irritate the skin

Because it is in direct contact with the skin, natural cotton or silk is the best material, with the softest and most comfortable touch, and man-made fibers should be avoided. Also it is necessary to avoid any chemical additives, such as bleach, as the chemical residue in the cotton will dissolve when it is exposed to water.

(2) The size should be appropriate

Because the correct way to take the cosmetic pads is to press the makeup cotton on the middle finger with the index finger and ring finger. This action is the most convenient to control the force and direction. Everyone's fingers have different lengths, so choose the size you like best.

(3) Thickness should be enough

Don't use too thin makeup cotton for as not wasting. At least 0.3 cm thick is enough so that the absorption of the lotion is sufficient when wiping. Not only the skin feels very comfortable, but also it will not cause irritation due to excessive friction. When the thickness of the makeup cotton is insufficient, two can be used in combination.

(4) The density should be enough

The density should be high enough to ensure it will not break when wiping, otherwise, it will be quite embarrassing when you find there is lots of cotton fiber on the whole face after wiping. Before use, you can gently pull the test by hand, and the makeup cotton that is easily torn indicates that the density is not enough.

(5) The surface touch should be appropriate

It depends on the matching products. If you use a general moisturizing lotion, of course, the touch should be mainly soft. If you use it for exfoliating, the surface of the makeup cotton is treated with fibers, which will easily adhere to the old and waste cells on the skin surface.

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