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Adult Incontinence

1. Status and general situation of adult incontinence

Adult incontinence products are easy to wear and comfortable to wear. After wearing, the movement restraint is reduced, and it can provide professional nursing protection for adults with different degrees of incontinence. The development and popularization of adult incontinence products have eased the burden of nursing care for the elderly at home and improved the quality of life of middle-aged and elderly people. With the aging of the population, the improvement of residents' living standards and the increasing acceptance of incontinence products by the elderly, the development of the adult incontinence product market has great potential. Urinary incontinence is a common problem that affects millions of people, and there are several types, including:

(1) Stress incontinence - urine leaks out when the bladder is under pressure. For example, when you cough or laugh.

(2) Urge incontinence – urine leaks when you suddenly feel a strong urge to urinate, or when you rush to urinate.

(3) Overflow incontinence (chronic urinary retention) – when you cannot empty your bladder completely, it causes frequent urination.

(4) Complete incontinence – when your bladder is completely unable to store any urine, which causes you to urinate constantly or leak frequently.

2. Winner Medical's classification of adult incontinence products

(1) Features of medical pads (diapers): 100% cotton surface layer, 3D vertical strip plus soft surface layer, super absorption, U-shaped leak-proof, elastic back waist, double leak-proof and nearly 0 moisture.

(2) Features of light and thin double core: 100% cotton surface layer, baby-grade material, elastic back waist and super soft bottom layer.

(3) The characteristics of Yunrou skin-friendly: 100% cotton surface layer, super absorption, elastic back waist and skin-feeling bottom layer.

(4) Features of value-added plus (diapers): 99% antibacterial rate, 3D air-sensing surface layer and nearly 0 moisture.

3. Winner Medical's products use cotton surface without pollution

Incontinence pads typically have an absorbent core in the middle. The absorbent layer is mainly capable of capturing and rapidly absorbing urine, dispersing or diffusing it throughout the core through capillary action, and finally absorbing and storing urine. The common core layer of most types of incontinence pads on the market today is mainly composed of pure wood pulp (fluff pulp) and a superabsorbent resin (SAP) layered structure. We are committed to developing 100% cotton surface incontinence care solutions. And our products are super soft, dry, and stain-free from the cotton surface. Our wholesale incontinence pads provide consumers with greater comfort

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