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How to Identify the Quality of Hygiene Wipes?

Modern women are increasingly concerned about health, so the health in the physiological period is particularly important, and the use of hygiene wipes menstrual products directly affects the physiological health of women. How to identify good or bad female hygiene wipes? Winner Medical shares how to identify the quality of hygiene wipes.

1. Allergenicity of hygiene wipe: the lower the better

Hygiene wipe has a close contact with the skin (and particularly thin and sensitive skin parts), which is one of daily necessities. The uppermost layer is the most responsible for the allergenicity. So the selection of materials must be good to eliminate friction between the hygiene wipe and the skin, which may lead to the phenomenon of abrasion and redness. The hygiene wipe is made of high-quality Xinjiang cotton, the same material as medical material, which is comfortable to the touch and does not produce irritation.

2. The speed of hygiene wipe infiltration: the faster the better

Obviously, the faster the liquid is absorbed by it, the more comfortable the skin will feel. This absorption speed is also the speed of liquid infiltration, which is done by a series of structural collaboration. The instant suction perforated design is highly absorbent and fast with no residue on the surface.

Test method: pour an equal amount of saline on the surface of the hygiene wipe, record the time, and the fastest infiltration is better. After the liquid enters the hygiene wipe, the infusion groove evacuates the liquid to all directions of the plane. The depth of the infusion groove and the rationality of the groove distribution will affect the infusion speed.

3. Absorbency of hygiene wipe: the greater the better

The water absorption capacity of female hygiene wipes depends on the absorbent material inside the hygiene wipe. The main absorbent materials are produced in the United States, Korea, Japan and Singapore. The main manufacturer in Japan and Singapore is Sumitomo Seika. SAP has the strongest absorption capacity, the second strongest is the United States and the weakest is Korea. Thanks to absorbent beads with strong absorption capacity, it is possible to make the product thinner. With the use of Japan's imported polymer adsorption material, it can achieve up to 40 times the amount of ultra-high absorption without reverse osmosis. The blood can be instantly absorbed. It has extremely strong water absorption and water lock.

4. Repermeability of hygiene wipe: the lower the better

After absorbing water, can the absorbent material firmly lock the water? Under a certain squeezing pressure, reverse osmosis will occur, which is certainly uncomfortable. Reducing the reverse osmosis mainly depends on whether the absorbent material absorption function and water lock function is strong.

Test method: after pouring a certain amount of saline, place the filter paper on the surface of the female hygiene wipe and apply pressure, see how much liquid will be absorbed into the filter paper, the lower the reverse osmosis the better. With the use of imported adsorbent materials, the blood can be instantly absorbed. It has extremely strong water absorption and water lock, so it can keep the surface dry at all times.

5. Hygiene indicators and fluorescent agents: the cleaner the better

Fluorescent whitening agent is a color conditioning agent, with bright white and color enhancing effect, widely used in paper, textiles, detergents and many other fields. Fluorescent agents affect health, so adding fluorescent agents to the female hygiene wipes is not good. Products with fluorescent whitening agent are usually weak in water absorption and more dusty.

6. Leak-proof performance: the tighter the better

Length: length is directly related to leak-proofness. When the amount of blood is high, of course, you should use the long ones. However, the amount of liquid is related to the cycle. Use the largest when you have the most flow, use a smaller, thinner pad when your flow is low, and use pads at the end of your menstrual period.

Circumference protector: it acts like a dam to prevent spillage from all around when the volume is large in the moment. The circumference protector is required and should not be too low. The hygiene wipe is designed according to women's ergonomics, with a 360-degree circular absorption layer and a new three-dimensional anti-side leakage line on both sides, with double protection to block side flow, and no worries about side leakage on days of high volume.

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