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Advantages of Cotton Facial Tissue You Can't Imagine

Cotton tissue have become an indispensable cleaning product in life. In addition to washing your face, it is also used in many aspects. Next, let's take a look at the various functions of cotton tissue , some of which you may not expect.

1. Use of cotton tissue: wash face

Many people buy cotton facial tissues to wash their faces. Because relatively speaking, towels can breed bacteria, and sometimes the cuticle of the skin can be damaged due to different materials of towel. In contrast, cotton tissue are indeed clean and hygienic.

2. Use of cotton tissue: baby cleaning and nursing

The facial cotton tissue is delicate and non-allergenic, and is generally used for the cleaning and care of the baby's hands, feet and buttocks.

3. Use of cotton tissue: postpartum care

Women who have undergone caesarean section and episiotomy need special postpartum care. In order to prevent bacterial growth and infection when cleaning the wound, it is better to avoid using towels or toilet paper. It is healthier and hygienic to use cotton tissue .

4. Use of cotton tissue: breast cleaning during lactation

Breastfeeding mothers must pay attention to regular breast cleaning to reduce chapped breasts and other phenomena during breastfeeding. Use cotton tissue to wipe, which is clean and non-allergenic, and provides a hygienic breastfeeding environment for babies.

5. Use of cotton tissue: moisten compress

Cotton tissue has no additives and supports both wet and dry use. It can be used as a cotton pad for makeup removal and moisten compress. It is also safer to use.

6. Use of cotton tissue: daily household cleaning

In addition to the above practical uses, cotton tissue can also be used in daily cleaning, such as cleaning baby toys, cleaning before and after meals, and cleaning when going out to hang out.

The cotton tissue adopts the spunlace non-woven technology, which uses high-speed and high-pressure water flow to impact the fiber web, so that the fibers are entangled with each other and the cloth body is tighter. Thickened design can bring stronger water absorption. It is hard to expect that cotton tissue have so many functions, which can be used everywhere in life. Let's stock up on some cotton facial tissues at home.

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