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What is the Best Way to Remove Makeup?

Why is our skin so bad even after spending a lot of money and time on maintenance? Ask yourself if you are lazy in removing makeup first! Removing makeup before going to bed is a must. If you don't even remove the makeup on your face, other skin care steps will be futile no matter how perfect it is. After all, not wearing makeup just makes you less beautiful, but not removing makeup may ruin your skin.

How Do You Remove Makeup with Cotton Makeup Remover Pads?

(1)Do You Wet Makeup Remover Pads?

Makeup remover pads must not be wet before use, use makeup remover to wet them. When using a cotton pad to remove makeup, you need to first pour the makeup remover product on the cotton pad, wet the cotton pad with the makeup remover product, and then press it onto the face. Do not wet it with water, because the cotton pad has strong water absorption, if you wet it with water first, the makeup remover will not be able to be applied.

(2)How Many Cotton Pads Does It Take to Remove Makeup?

There is no standard answer to this question, it depends on how heavy your makeup is. For daily light makeup, makeup removal generally requires the following steps.

  • Firstly, soak the eye makeup remover with two cotton pads and tap it on the eye area for a few seconds to give it enough time to dissolve the mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow. Remember to only press lightly, never rub.

  • Fold the makeup remover pads in half on the lower eyelid, close the eye, and wipe down from the root of the eyelashes with a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover.

  • After the eyelashes and eyeshadow are removed, the residual makeup of the eyeliner or eyeshadow is still left between the tiny eyelashes or in the crease of the eyelid. Dip the makeup remover on a cotton pad and carefully wipe it in a direction perpendicular to the eyes to prevent makeup from staying on the delicate and delicate skin around the eyes.

  • Finally, soak two cotton pads in facial makeup remover to remove makeup from the entire face, and then use a facial cleanser to cleanse the face after makeup removal. If you are worried after washing your face, you can take clean makeup remover pads and gently press them on the eyes, hairline, chin and other parts to confirm whether it is clean.

What Can I Use Instead of Cotton Makeup Remover Pads?

(1) Can I Use Tissue Instead of Cotton Makeup Remover Pads?

Tissue is not a substitute for cotton pads. First of all, because the tissue is relatively rough, using it as a makeup remover pad will damage the skin on the face, and the cotton pad is more skin-friendly and soft. Secondly, compared with tissue, cotton pads are highly absorbent, saving more makeup remover when using them. In addition, the tissue has a great disadvantage, which is that it will break after absorbing water. If you soak your makeup remover with a tissue, it's likely that your face will be covered in confetti because the tissue is torn.

(2) Can I Use a Washcloth to Remove Makeup?

A washcloth can be used to remove makeup, but it's definitely not the best way. The washcloth is a better way to clean than by hand and tissue. When using a washcloth to remove makeup, we recommend using 100% cotton, preferably one textured and the other smooth. Pure smooth muslin is ineffective when it comes to removing oily makeup - it doesn't properly "grab" the elements to wipe off oily products. The textured side is best for this step and helps with cleaning. The smooth side is perfect for the second step of a double cleanse routine - wiping off with muslin makeup remover protects skin from irritation.

(3)Can I Use a Flannel to Remove Makeup?

Flannel can be used to remove makeup, but this method has obvious problems. If you are using a cleansing oil to remove makeup, just apply the cleansing oil to the face, then clean with light circular motions, and finally, wipe off the cleansing oil with a flannel to cleanse the face. This is convenient, but you need to consider an important issue, and that is bacterial growth. Just like makeup brushes, flannel is a breeding ground for bacteria. If you don't wash it regularly, a huge amount of dead skin and cells can build up on damp flannel. With this in mind, it's important to wash and sanitize your flannel regularly.

3. What is the Best Way to Remove Makeup?

Removing makeup may seem like a simple task, but it does so much more than you might think. Through the previous comparison introduction, our first recommended makeup remover is cotton pads. Using a cotton pad to remove makeup can not only help to remove makeup thoroughly but also clean the facial skin twice.

There are many kinds of makeup remover pads on the market to choose from. Poor-quality cotton pads often use poor cotton, which not only does not work well but also causes damage to the skin. Therefore, when choosing a cotton pad, you should pay attention to choosing a well-known brand. Winner Medical has more than 30 years of experience in the production of cotton products. We choose the world's highest quality cotton for raw materials and use the world's most advanced production equipment to make. Our cotton pads are made of 100% natural cotton without any chemical additives, making them the best choice for your eco-friendly makeup remover pads.

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