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Are You Ready for a Multi-purpose Cotton Paper Towel?

If the skin is mildly itchy, burning, or sore, the easiest solution is to apply a cold compress. Basic relief measures: Use cold boiled water or natural mineral water, put it in the refrigerator, pour it on a soft cotton napkin, and apply a cold compress on the face, three times a day, for 10 minutes each time. This not only relieves allergies, but also reduces peeling caused by dryness. Generally, towels that are used repeatedly for a long time are easy to breed a large number of mites. Using such towels will make the skin rough and the pores will be large. The cotton paper towels are highly absorbent and have undergone aseptic treatment, so washing your face with a soft cotton napkin in the morning is a new choice for beauty-loving woman. Soft cotton napkin are used in following ways.

1. Cotton paper towels for wet compress

Wet compress with a soft cotton napkin two or three times a week. It will not deform after contact with water. It is suitable for wet compress. Pour the lotion on the soft cotton napkin and apply it on the face. The cleansing soft cotton napkin has good toughness, does not shed scraps, and has little friction on the face. Fold it up and pour an appropriate amount of makeup remover to wipe it, which is quite clean. You can use a cotton paper towel to clean the whole face. It is not wasted and saves money and trouble.

2. Cotton paper towels are used in the kitchen

It is a great help for moms who love to cook. What to do about oily dinner plate? A piece of soft cotton napkin can absorb the grease first, which reduces the amount of detergent, saves money and protects your hands. Wipe down the cups and plates after washing to save drying time.

3. Cotton tissue papers for baby care

Give mothers a reassurance. Mothers must be no strangers to cotton tissue papers. They know that it is a bit rough to wipe the baby's body with a cotton soft towel. After all, the baby's skin is too delicate. The skin-friendly dual-purpose soft cotton napkin is safe, soft enough, and does not fall off scraps. It can be used to wipe the baby's butt and saliva.

4. Cotton paper towel is used to wipe other items

For example, after washing your face, you can wring it out to wipe the washbasin and vanity mirror with water stains, which is reusable and environmentally friendly; for example, after cleaning your baby's toys, you can also wipe it with a feather soft cotton napkin to save drying time and the baby can play with no worry.

Cotton paper towels are non-woven fabrics made of cotton, viscose and other fibers as raw materials, processed by non-woven technologies such as spunlace, and then cut into dry towel products of different sizes for adults or infants. It is used for daily cleaning and care, because it is produced by advanced cotton spunlace non-woven fabric technology and then processed by high pressure steam sterilization. It has the characteristics of soft and delicate, good water absorption and no scraps. It is a new environmentally friendly alternative to paper towels, cotton pads, face towels and other products.

The air permeability and hygroscopicity of cotton fibers are relatively good, but since the use of pesticides cannot be avoided in the process of cotton planting, cotton fibers may also have pesticide residues. Therefore, according to the latest national regulations, pesticide residue testing must be carried out for soft cotton napkin products to ensure that each kilogram of product is less than or equal to 0.5 mg. At the same time, cotton fibers are prone to bacterial reproduction and deterioration, so pay attention to drying and ventilation when storing.

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