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As a Derivative Product of Paper Towels, Cotton Paper Towels Are Widely Used

With the improvement of consumption level and the growth of hygiene and cleaning needs in the post-epidemic era, consumers have a higher pursuit of the functionality and professionalism of paper towel paper. For example, cotton paper towels, paper towels for rhinitis, wet wipes for baby hand and mouth, cloud-soft towels, and other categories have become a new choice in different consumption scenarios. Among them, cotton paper towels, as a derivative product of paper towels, have a wide range of uses and have been rapidly popularized in the past two years.

1. Cotton paper towel has a variety of uses and is very popular

As a cotton towel made of natural cotton or other plant fibers, no chemical substances are added in the production process, and its safety is higher than that of other papers. It has the characteristics of being soft and delicate, good water absorption, and no paper scraps. It has become a popular substitute for household paper such as towels, paper towels, and cosmetic cotton.

Many consumers said that cotton paper towels are mainly used for adult beauty and baby cleaning, including facial cleansing, makeup removal, wet compress; wiping the baby's mouth, cleaning the buttocks, etc. Moreover, the cotton paper towel can be "used twice": after cleansing or wiping the baby's hands and mouth, it can also be washed as a rag. Discard it after full use. Cotton paper towels are cleaner and more hygienic than towels, and will not breed bacteria in wet conditions.

On social and e-commerce platforms, consumers have "developed" different usages of cotton paper towels. In terms of kitchen supplies, cotton paper towels can be used as steamer cloth after cutting, as oil-absorbing paper for making fried food, tea filter bags, soup bags, etc.; in household cleaning, cotton paper towels can be wetted with water to wipe leather shoes, bags, jewelry, lenses, etc.; In the baby field, in addition to cleaning the skin, cotton paper towels can also be used as temporary bibs, folding toys, and cleaning baby bottles. Consumers also use cotton's 8% moisture content and degradable properties to wrap plant seeds and soil in cotton paper towels, so they can germinate. Featuring wet and dry use, it boasts a multi-purpose cleaning function, which is the key for consumers to recommend cotton paper towels.

2. The competition for cotton paper towels is fierce and the growth is rapid

The many advantages of this subdivided product of cotton towel paper meet consumers' demands for quality life, and its penetration rate is rapidly increasing. Data shows that in the post-epidemic era, consumers' increasing demands for hygiene and safety have driven the growth of the cotton paper towel market. The rapid growth of the subdivision market of the cotton paper towel has also attracted many brand layouts. The number of brands in the cotton paper towel market is increasing, and the competition is fierce. Against the backdrop of brand competition, price wars are unavoidable. Cotton paper towels are generally several times more expensive than paper towels.

In terms of the purchase of cotton paper towels, the country's recommended standards for cotton paper towels have been formally implemented, and the cotton paper towel industry has unified and standardized quality control standards. Consumers should buy cotton paper towels produced by regular manufacturers, which are in line with national health and safety standards. In terms of use, if you have the financial conditions, you can choose a cotton paper towel to clean your face or use it as a baby product, because it is relatively dry and can be thrown away after use, which will reduce the breeding of bacteria compared to towels. Experts suggest that when cleaning, it is recommended to gently wipe the skin with a cotton paper towel dampened with water, and then wipe it dry with a clean cotton paper towel. Do not rub or knead the skin vigorously to prevent excessive cleansing from damaging the skin barrier, and apply a moisturizing lotion or cream in time. If you use a towel, pay attention to changing and washing frequently, and drying it with more ventilation.

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