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How to Distinguish Pure Cotton Towels and Polyester Cotton Towels?

Towels are a daily necessity for everyone, but how many people can really understand towels? Maybe you don't care too much about the material of the towels sold in the supermarket. If they look good, someone will buy them, but the softness of towels will vary from one material to another. Everyone knows pure cotton towels, but there is one type of towel that is very similar to pure cotton towels. Next, I will show you the differences between the two types of towels and how to distinguish them.

1. The characteristics of pure cotton towel and polyester cotton towel are different

Pure cotton towel is a cotton fabric made of pure cotton yarn, and its raw material is raised fluff or cut cotton fluff. The so-called pure cotton towel refers to a towel made of pure cotton yarn. So what are their characteristics? Please note the following:

(1) Pure cotton towel

Strong water absorption and large shrinkage. Alkali and acid resistance are strong. Pure cotton towels are very unstable to inorganic acids, and even very dilute sulfuric acid will destroy it, but organic acids are weak and hardly destroy it. The towel cotton high quality are more alkali resistant. Usually, dilute alkali will not affect pure cotton towels at room temperature, but under the action of strong alkali, the softness of pure cotton towels will be reduced.

(2) Polyester cotton towel

Polyester cotton towels refer to polyester cotton blended fabrics with the polyester cotton as the main component, woven from 65% to 67% polyester and 33% to 35% cotton blended yarns. It not only highlights the style of polyester, but also has the advantages of pure cotton fabric. It has good elasticity and abrasion resistance in both wet and dry conditions, is dimensionally stable, and has product characteristics that are straight, not wrinkled, easy to wash and fast drying.

2. The method of distinguishing pure cotton towels and polyester cotton towels

Feel the comfort and softness by hand. Usually pure cotton towels are made of first-class cotton yarns, that is, first-class new cotton. First-class cotton yarns are pure cotton textiles that are used for the first time. In terms of polyester cotton towels, except the loop part, the main material is cotton. Part of it is polyester, which is nylon. Polyester yarn is usually a secondary process of cotton yarn, also known as used or second-hand cotton.

The cotton thread can be distinguished by burning it with fire. If only white powder is left, it is. After burning the polyester cotton towel with fire, it usually appears gray-black. After soaking in water, the effect of pure cotton will be better. After polyester cotton absorbs water, it is not as uniform as pure cotton. Best way to test if a towel is cotton: burning is usually recommended as the best method.

To sum up, pure cotton towels and polyester cotton towels have their own advantages. You can buy them according to your preferences. Winner Medical's pure cotton towels can meet your various needs. I hope you can learn more about the distinction between towels after reading this article.

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