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Comprehensive Analysis of Common Sanitary Pads

Sanitary pads are the most intimate "friend" of girls during their menstrual period. But now there are not only many brands of sanitary pads on the market, there is also a wide range of types provided by sanitary pads manufacturers, in the end, which sanitary pad is better? And during the period, there are many inconveniences, what kind of sanitary pad can help you to pass the period easily? Below, it is an analysis of several common types of sanitary pads. Choose the right one for you, so that your period will be worry-free.

1. Daily sanitary pads

Sanitary pads generally consist of three parts: surface layer, absorbent layer and bottom layer, while daily sanitary pads are mainly used during menstrual daytime, with size mostly around 240mm and limited absorbency, and need to be replaced once in about 2 hours.

Advantages: Daily sanitary pads are a single essential product during menstruation, which can prevent menstrual blood from getting on your pants, and also keep your private parts dry, alleviating menstrual worries.

Shopping tips: The surface of daily sanitary pad is divided into cotton and soft mesh, and it is more recommended to use cotton surface, because it is more skin-friendly, less irritating to the skin. In addition, avoid the choice of sanitary pads with added fluorescent bleach, which can cause some harm to the body.

2. Night sanitary pads

Night sanitary pads are designed for women to sleep at night during their menstrual period. Compared with daily sanitary pads, their size will be longer and wider to prevent blood from leaking out onto the bed sheet when users turn over and sleep on the side or change the sleeping position, so as to meet the needs of women's sleep care at night.

Advantages: The size of night sanitary pads is long enough to avoid embarrassing back and side leaks, and the absorbency of night sanitary pads is large enough to reduce the frequency of getting up in the middle of the night for replacement. However, night sanitary pads are generally thicker, which may increase discomfort during use.

Shopping tips: A few days before the menstrual period, it is best to choose extra-long night sanitary pad, plus fan-shaped rear wing, which can better prevent leakage. In addition, due to less frequency of replacement at night, it is best to choose light sanitary pad with good air permeability, so as to sleep soundly.

3. Panty liners

Panty liner is specially developed for the health of women's private parts. Its role is mainly to make women's private parts more clean and comfortable. Usually, when menstruation is coming or menstrual blood volume is less, or the amount of leucorrhea is more, it can be used. Because the panty liner is light and small, there is no discomfort to use.

Advantages: In the time before and after the period, compact panty liners can effectively avoid embarrassing situations and also make the underwear cleaner when the discharge increases. However, excessive reliance on panty liners is instead not beneficial and can cause bacterial growth.

Shopping tips: Bulk panty liners have a variety of scents. In fact, to be cautious, it is best to choose fragrance-free types. Especially for people with delicate skin, it is safer to choose the product available for sensitive skin.

4. Pants-type sanitary pads

During menstruation, most girls are worried about side leakage and back leakage at night. However, as the combination of sanitary pads and underwear, the disposable period underwear is a longer and larger version of the pants-type sanitary pad, with pants-type full envelope design, more convenient and less likely to leak. After using, just take it off and throw it away. It's very convenient.

Advantages: Pants-type sanitary pads are not easy to side leak, and they are very reassuring to use, and they are especially suitable for girls with high menstrual blood volume or maternity use. However, the pants-type sanitary pad is not easy to change, not suitable for daily use, so there are certain limitations in the use.

Shopping tips: There are three sizes, respectively, S, M, L, so choose in accordance with your size; besides, pants-type sanitary pads generally wear longer, so it is best to choose a light type to avoid stuffiness.

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