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Compressed Towels That Are Becoming More and More Popular

Towels are essential household items in our daily life. Whether at home or in hotels, towels are one of the must-have items. Nowadays, people's requirements for commodities are getting higher and higher, and they are gradually changing from a single use function to a multi-functional and high-grade direction, and compressed towels just cater to this development trend. Compressed towels are easy to carry because of their affordable price and small size.

1. What is a compressed towel?

Compressed towel, also known as miniature towel, magic towel, is to compress the towel we usually use into a small piece, which is easy to carry. Compressed towels use existing towels as raw materials. On the premise of not changing the original quality and use function, the compression technology is used for secondary deep processing, which reduces the volume of the towels by 80% to 90%. It swells like new when used with water, which is intact.

2. The classification of compressed towels

Knitted compressed towel: The existing towel is used as the raw material, and then the secondary processing is carried out. It is characterized by high price and a bit larger than the non-woven compressed towel. The texture is related to the quality of the original knitted fabric and can be used repeatedly.

Non-woven compressed towel: It is made of ordinary non-woven fabric, which is low in price, small in size and average in hand feeling. It swells when soaked with water, and it has strong water absorption. Generally it cannot be used repeatedly. 100% cotton spunlace non-woven compressed towel: It is made of natural fiber pure cotton, clean and hygienic, soft to the touch, mild and comfortable, good stretchability. It swells when soaked with water, and it has strong water absorption, with no falling cotton and lint, with relatively high quality, and it can be used multiple times.

3. How to use the compressed towel

The compress towel has no requirement for water temperature. Tear open the sealed bag and put it in water, it will absorb water and expand. According to the size and cotton content, it will fully expand after 3 to 6 seconds of water absorption. Manually stretch it out, and the towel is intact and ready to use.

4. How to choose a compressed towel?

It is recommended to buy a cotton compressed towel, which is thicker. It is very practical for business trips, travel, and home use. The more cotton, the fuller the towel, the stronger the softness, the stronger the water absorption, and the better the texture. Cotton compressed towels are generally softer to the touch, flexible to the touch, fluffy when applied to the face, and relatively absorbent. After the towel is wrung out, it will be more comfortable to wash your face. Do not choose the kind of dry and hard disposable towels, otherwise it will hurt the skin.

The compressed towel is very small, and it is very convenient to use. At the same time, the compressed towel is also sterilized by ultraviolet rays. The shell adopts advanced PVC packaging technology, so that the product does not directly contact the air, and the compressed towel effectively avoids product pollution. You can use it with confidence. Compressed towels are generally disposable and are generally convenient to carry when traveling on business trips. They can be used instead of ordinary towels. At the same time, because they are compressed and relatively small, they are very convenient to carry. Compressed towel is actually used for the same purpose as general towel, but it is just smaller and easier to carry.

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