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What Are Kitchen Wet Wipes?

In the era of kitchen wet wipes, people still mainly use rags to clean the kitchen. The rags can be reused, but after a long time, it will emit a peculiar smell, and it will become more and more dirty. With kitchen wet wipes, you can easily scrub kitchen items such as sinks and stoves in the kitchen. It has the degreasing and antibacterial effect. It can be thrown away after use, and it is clean and convenient. Kitchen cleaning wet wipes are mainly used to wipe kitchen utensils with a lot of oily surfaces and food residues such as gas stoves, range hoods, refrigerators and microwave ovens.

1. The kitchen wet wipes are thick and large, with their own cleaning power

Kitchen cleaning wet wipes are like a piece of cloth, big and thick. It is larger than your face when opened, and very durable. It has added APG decontamination factor and has its own cleaning ability, which can quickly decompose oil stains. The oily pots and pans left after cooking can usually be wiped with a kitchen cleaning wet wipe before cleaning to remove all the oily vegetable soup. Moreover, its surface also has exquisite three-dimensional pearl patterns, which increases the friction and adsorption force, and doubles the cleaning power. In terms of the heavy old oil stains on the range hood and gas stove, it can be wiped off with a little force.

2. Kitchen wet wipes adopt plant formula, safe and mild

It adopts a plant formula, contains no alcohol, and the ingredients are natural and safe. It is made of raw materials such as aloe vera extract, spunlace non-woven fabric and pure water filtered by reverse osmosis technology. Not only does it not hurt the hands, but also the tableware. In addition to wiping the oil in the kitchen, it can also be used to assist cleaning when washing dishes, pots, and fruits with waxed surfaces.

3. Double-layer sealed packaging of kitchen wet wipes with the design of discontinuous pumping

It adopts double-layer sealed packaging: plastic cover + self-adhesive sticker design for double protection, and there is no need to worry about water evaporation for a long time. The flip-top type is very convenient to use. If you draw 1 piece, you will get 1 piece. There will be no continuous pumping at all.

4. Kitchen wet wipes are flexible and strong, and can be reused

The texture of kitchen cleaning wet wipes is still quite flexible, strong and durable, and will not be easily deformed when torn. Usually, after wiping the oil stain once, it is not thrown away directly. After washing it with clean water, it can be used as a rag, and then used to wipe the counter, floor, shoes, and recycled.

5. Kitchen wet wipes are fresh and smell good, and can be used to remove odor

The kitchen wet wipes have a faint plant fragrance, which smells very fresh and does not irritate the nose at all. It can also disperse the smell of oil smoke while removing oil stains, and the mood of doing housework can be improved. A piece of kitchen cleaning wet wipes = degreasing and stain removal + cleaning agent + time saving + no residue + no rinsing + no hand damage. Take one a day, use it after cooking, and wipe off all the oil. It is clean and hygienic, and it saves time. It can be used to clean tableware and kitchen utensils in the kitchen, and the price is cheap, and there is no need to clean the greasy rag.

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