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Correct Skin Care is Started from the Cotton Tissue Paper for Face

For girls, it can be said that skin care is a course that will never end. In order to make the skin better, everyone will buy various skin care products with different functions and watch the tutorials of skin care experts. However, when people spend their time researching various skin care products and skin care methods, they often overlook the most basic and easiest first step: washing your face.

"If you don't wash your face clean, no matter how expensive skin care products are, it's useless." As the first step in skin care, girls might as well take a look at whether their facial cleaning is really done right? If you are still using towels, sponges and other items to wash and wipe your face, then stop now! Not only can it not achieve the effect of cleaning the face, but it can even cause various skin problems. Cleaning products such as towels and sponges are used repeatedly every day, and they are placed in a closed and humid environment such as the bathroom or washstand for a long time, which is easy to breed bacteria and mites. So washing your face with a towel or sponge not only cannot achieve the clean effect, but also will cause secondary pollution to the facial skin. The part about washing the face mentioned one thing in particular, which is the cotton tissue paper for face.

1. Clean and soft cotton tissue paper for face use

Compared with towels, facial cotton tissue is a disposable sanitary product. Take one sheet every time you use it, and throw it away after use. It will not breed bacteria and mites, and it is more clean and hygienic. Moreover, the cotton soft tissue is softer than the towel, and it can wash and wipe your face in a gentle and skin-friendly way, and the touch is more comfortable.

There are also many different materials for disposable facial cotton soft tissue, including natural cotton fiber, artificial fiber, chemical fiber, etc. There is no doubt that the safest and most comfortable material is natural cotton fiber. Here we will introduce the very easy-to-use and well-received cotton tissue paper for face.

2. Why is cotton facial cotton tissue easy to use?

The first is the material of Winner facial cotton tissue, which is 100% high-quality natural cotton plant fiber, does not contain any chemical fibers and artificial fibers and other ingredients, can absorb water quickly and is highly soft and skin-friendly. And it is processed by the physical method of spunlace, does not contain any harmful irritating ingredients such as fluorescent agents and whitening agents, and can be used safely by babies and sensitive skin.

In addition to washing the face, more and more other uses of cotton soft tissue have been gradually developed by the vast number of wise people: removing makeup and applying face, household cleaning, kitchen cleaning, wiping shoes and bags, travelling on business trips, etc. Mothers even use it for their baby's daily cleaning and care. Based on different usage needs, the cotton soft tissue adopts AB double-sided design: one side is a three-dimensional pearl pattern, which has better cleaning power; the other side is a silky plain pattern, which is more delicate and caring for the skin. If you want to have good skin, you should start by learning how to wash your face properly. A piece of facial cotton tissue also combines various functions of towel + wet wipes + paper towels + facial cotton pads + dishcloths + rags. As a useful and practical daily good, it will easily raise your happiness index.

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