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What is a Good Quality Makeup Cotton?

According to the survey of Japanese beauty magazine, the correct use of quality makeup cotton pads with skin care products from good cotton pad manufacturer can make a significant improvement in skin quality. Please refer to the following tips, it will help you become a master in the use of makeup cotton pads. What is a good quality makeup cotton pads wholesale? Follow Winner Medical to learn more about it.

1. High-quality makeup cotton pads do not irritate the skin

Because of the direct contact with the skin, the material selection of natural cotton or silk is the best, which are the most soft and comfortable to the touch. Artificial fibers should be avoided; at the same time avoid adding any chemical substances, such as bleach, because after encountering moisture, the chemical residues in the cosmetic cotton pads may dissolve out of the skin to cause harm.

2. The size of quality makeup cotton pads should be appropriate

The correct way to take the cosmetic cotton pads is to use the index finger and ring finger to cover the cosmetic cotton pads at the middle finger, because the action is most convenient to control the force and direction. But everyone's finger length is different, just choose the appropriate product that fits you.

3. The thickness of quality makeup cotton pads should be high enough

Don't use too thin makeup cotton pads because you are afraid of waste. At least 0.3 cm thick is enough, so that the absorption of the lotion is sufficient when wiping. As a result, not only the skin feels very comfortable, but also it will not cause irritation due to excessive friction. When the thickness of the makeup cotton pads is insufficient, two tablets can be used in combination.

4. The density of quality makeup cotton pads should be high enough

When the density is high, it will not break, otherwise it will be quite embarrassing to wipe the whole face with cotton fiber. Before use, you can gently pull the makeup cotton pads for test by hand, and the makeup cotton pads that is easily torn indicates that the density is not enough.

5. The surface feeling of quality makeup cotton pads should be appropriate

According to the product to be used, if you use a normal moisturizing lotion, of course, the touch is mainly soft. If you use it with exfoliating product, the facial cotton pads needs to have a certain friction, which is more likely to adhere to the old and waste cells on the skin surface.

The surface of the skin has many subtle unevenness that cannot be seen by the naked eye, and it is difficult to take care of them by hand application alone. For example, the sides of the nose, areas behind the ears, and the corners of the mouth are easily ignored. Using a makeup cotton pads can take care of those corners. The combination of makeup cotton pads and lotion provides sufficient moisturization to the skin and moderate cleansing of the cuticles to bring balance to the skin. After cleansing in the morning and evening, press 2 to 3 times of the exfoliating lotion on the makeup cotton pads and after it penetrates, gently wipe the whole face from the center of the face outward and from the bottom up, using a small rotating massage to promote the shedding of old keratin. In terms of thicker keratin on the nose and chin, you can strengthen the massage with the middle finger finger.

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