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Cosmetic Cottons of Different Materials Have Different Effects

When removing makeup or applying powder, cotton flakes and cotton swabs are necessary. They may seem trivial, but if you choose the wrong cosmetic cotton, your skin can become allergic and even develop fine lines. Because it touches the skin directly, the material of the cosmetic cotton must be good. Nowadays, the most common cosmetic cotton has two kinds: absorbent cotton and non-woven fabric. Absorbent cotton cosmetic cotton has a very delicate touch, and is relatively thick; Non-woven cosmetic cotton is much thinner, feels a little rough, but its water absorption is particularly strong. These two cosmetic cottons have their own advantages and disadvantages, so it's best to choose according to your needs.

1. The cosmetic cotton used when removing makeup

For removing the general light makeup, it is recommended to use absorbent cotton cosmetic cotton. At work, most women prefer to wear naked makeup without trace. To remove this often naked makeup, you may choose the absorbent cotton cosmetic cotton of a soft texture. As long as there is a little makeup remover oil or makeup remover lotion, it is enough to remove the residual makeup of the face. Even if it is repeated wiped, do not have to worry about irritating the skin or causing a variety of allergies.

2. The cosmetic cotton used with lotion

After cleansing, it is recommended to apply lotion with non-woven cosmetic cotton. First, dip a cosmetic cotton into an appropriate amount of lotion and gently wipe it from the inside out. For drier areas, you can press it for a while longer to not only take away the old waste cells left on the surface of the skin, but also to help fully absorb the lotion. Note that you should not ignore the area around your eyes and lips. Non-woven cosmetic cottons are more absorbent and have good ductility, which can play a role in saving lotion.

3. The use of cosmetic cotton when removing nail polish

Cotton swabs are the first choice for removing nail polish. Used cosmetic cottons are also good. Dried cosmetic cotton (absorbent cotton or non-woven fabric types) can also be used to wash nail polish works well and save on cotton. The correct gesture to hold the cosmetic cotton is to hold the cosmetic cotton between the index and ring fingers. This will control the force and direction of the makeup removal. When wiping from the bottom up, it is beneficial to improve the firmness of the face skin.

The thickness of the cosmetic cotton should be at least 0.3 cm. If the thickness is less than that, it is recommended to use two cosmetic cottons together. The density should also be paid attention to. If it is too soft, it is easy to smear the face, make a face of cotton wool. When selecting, you can test it by gently pulling it with your hand: easily pulling it through means that the density is not quite enough. Applying lotion with a cosmetic cotton not only replenishes the moisture and natural moisturizing factors in the stratum corneum, but also enhances the absorption effect of the skin on the subsequent lotions and creams.

When removing heavy makeup, it is recommended to stack two cosmetic cottons together, dip a certain amount of makeup remover oil or makeup remover lotion, and then gently wipe the face, eyes and lips, so it is easy to remove the residual makeup completely, without repeatedly changing the cosmetic cotton. At the same time, it can also save makeup remover oil or makeup remover lotion, killing two birds with one stone. Some brands come with their own cleanser pads, which are made of very soft protein fibers and a thin outer layer made from natural amino acids to completely remove dirt and blackheads from pores.

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