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Cotton Paper Towels: Giving You a More Environmentally Friendly and High-quality Life

With the advent of consumer upgrading, national consumer demand is also changing. For consumers, the improvement of the economic level allows them to have more choices when buying goods. Conventional cleaning paper products have been unable to meet the hygiene and cleaning needs in different places. The high-end development and segmentation of household paper happen to meet the needs of consumers on environmental protection, efficiency and delicacy, which helps upgrade the development of cotton paper towels.

1. Cotton paper towels are easy to carry around

Whether you are traveling long or short distances, driving yourself or taking public transportation, you must do a good job of personal protection as the pressure to prevent the epidemic from being imported from outside and rebounding from inside is still great today. Be sure to wash your hands and dry them after touching public facilities. Many people carry a pack of paper towels with them. However, in addition to the problems that paper towels are easily broken when wet and easy to fall off, the bleaching agent and wet strength agent contained in paper towels are also rejected by more and more people who pay attention to health. As cotton paper towels are increasingly recognized by consumers, cotton paper towels instead of paper towels have become a travel essential.

In addition to being easy to carry, the cotton paper towel can also be used wet or dry because it will not break when soaked in water. It can be used by adults and children. It can be used for daily face washing, makeup removal, wet compress, and cleaning in various occasions. It is safe, soft and non-allergic and care for all kinds of skin types. It can also be used as baby drool towels, sweat towels, small handkerchiefs and wet wipes and so on, to solve the baby's daily cleaning needs, and to care for the baby's delicate skin, which is a good helper for mothers and fathers to care for their babies. A cotton paper towel can be used many times, and finally can be used to wipe shoes, wipe tables and chairs.

2. Sustainable cotton paper towel helps you experience quality life

China is the world's largest producer of paper and the world's largest consumer of paper. The reported use of household paper in a year reached more than 8.5 million tons, which means that more than 200 million large trees were cut down, meaning that 323 square kilometers of forest disappeared from the earth every day.

Humanity's quest for a better life never ends. When we want to obtain a sustainable quality of good life, do we also need to stop and reflect on whether our own way of life is equally sustainable? In fact, we don't have to completely overturn our existing lives, just change and cultivate some habits to reap a good, healthy and sustainable quality of life.

A cotton paper towel = towel + cotton pad + mask paper + wet wipes. Cotton paper towel can take the place of paper towel, wet wipes, handkerchief use. It can be naturally degraded after use, and does not add burden to the environment. With sustainable cotton fiber and sustainable process, sustainable cotton paper towels are made to give you a more environmentally friendly and high-quality life!

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