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Explore the Secrets of Purcotton's Factory: the Pursuit of Quality Behind a Piece of Cotton

Recently, the first phase of Purcotton's 2021 factory exploration tour was officially launched. 11 groups of cotton fan families from Wuhan (a total of more than 20 people) were invited to participate in the activity as "explorers".


Mr. Luo Ping, general manager of Winner Medical (Jiayu Winner) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jiayu Winner) personally received the visitors and displayed 100% cotton products from the perspective of "100% cotton care for health", allowing consumers to understand more More about the story behind the quality of cotton. Jiayu Winner is one of Purcotton's production bases. It has four production lines for cleaning, disinfection, beauty, and care products using cotton as the base material, and continuously produces more comfortable, healthy, and environmentally friendly high-quality cotton products.



During the event, the visitors, led by the staff, visited the production process from materials to finished products, such as cloth baby wipes, alcohol sterilized cotton pads, and disposable underpants.


1. All cotton wet wipes are the same standard as medical products

Before entering the production workshop of hygiene wet wipes, visitors need to go through three germ isolation lines: changing dust-proof clothing, washing hands and disinfecting, and dusting through the air shower. Each entrance and exit of the workshop is equipped with interlocking automatic lifting doors, and equipped with air curtain isolation. From the machine on the cotton wet wipes to the liquid filling and bagging process, no hand touches the whole process. Its strict production environment makes visitors deeply understand that the production of Purcotton products almost adopts the same standards as medical products.


2. The natural characteristics of cotton wet wipes

In the microbiology laboratory, visitors experienced many daily scientific experiments such as "tear by hand", "smell", "burning method" and so on, and felt the inherent natural characteristics of cotton versus chemical fiber. Subsequently, the staff also informed the inspectors about the comfort of cotton wipes and the pH value. The closer the cotton wipes are to the pH value of human skin (about 5.5), the more comfortable they to use. The cotton wipes were randomly disassembled on site for testing, and the pH value was 5.43. The efforts behind eco wet wipes surprised the visitors and further felt the power of science and quality.


During the epidemic, in order to better call everyone to pay attention to health and hygiene, the staff took samples on the mobile phone on the spot, wiped them with alcohol disinfectant cotton pads, and then placed them under a microscope for observation.


3. The development of high-quality, high-standard, and high-safety cotton wet wipes

Unlike everyone's perception of the dusty and noisy production environment of traditional daily necessities factories, Purcotton Jiayu's stable production base is equipped with SAP and BPM management systems and GMP workshops that are superior to the industry. Automated and intelligent production equipment and strict production process of wet wipes fully reflect Purcotton's persistent pursuit of quality. Purcotton is constantly improving the industry standard of all cotton products and promoting the development of non-woven manufacturing to high quality, high standards and high safety levels.

As a cotton daily necessities brand with a 30-year medical background, in addition to strict requirements on quality where it can be seen, it is also extremely diligent where it cannot be seen. This trip to the factory reveals to visitors Purcotton's stringent production standards and mature manufacturing experience for decades, and also expresses the brand's confidence and attitude towards consumer quality assurance.

Purcotton will always adhere to the concept of "safety, happiness, and sustainability", continue to carry out innovative research and development, and provide consumers with safer and more comfortable products. Accept the test of the market and users with good quality!

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