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Diapers Are Becoming Popular and the Market Outlook is Promising

1. Infant diapers are convenient to use, save time and effort, and take care of babies' healthy growth

Infant diapers are mainly made of non-woven fabric, toilet paper, fluffy pulp, high molecular absorbent resin, PE film, rubber band and other materials, and the products include four major parts: surface layer, absorbent core, leak-proof film and closure system, of which the core is the core technology of diaper manufacturing. With the improvement of the production process, diapers produced by wholesale baby diapers suppliers have gradually evolved from a single urine absorbing and leak-proof hygiene product to a multi-functional FMCG product.

2. Compared with traditional diapers, infant diaper products mainly have the following characteristics

Easy to use and peace of mind: infant diapers are disposable hygiene products, which can be discarded after use, and they are simple to wear and easy to replace, saving time and effort. In addition, high quality diapers are impermeable and leak-proof, making parents feel more at ease when using them for their children. While improving the sleep quality of babies, they also save parents the trouble of frequently changing and cleaning diapers and bedding clothes.

Clean and dry: traditional diapers should be replaced frequently and babies' skin is easily soaked in urine and stool stains, which can easily breed bacteria if not cleaned properly. The polymer absorbent particles in diapers can effectively absorb water and prevent back seepage, keeping babies' skin dry. In addition, some products also have antibacterial effect, and can effectively protect the skin health of infants.

Comfortable to wear, free to move: diapers are made of soft and thin materials, so babies can wear them comfortably, which will not easily fall off. It not only makes babies have a good sleeping environment, but also makes it convenient for babies to travel, and the range of baby's activities becomes larger, so baby can be free to move around, which is conducive to the physical and mental development of babies.

3. The development issues of infant diapers can not be ignored. Differentiation strategy can develop the blue ocean market

First of all, the homogenization of baby diaper wholesale is serious, and many small manufacturers copy and imitate the products of famous brands, but the quality is not up to par, leading to numerous problems of material safety and product quality of infant diapers in recent years, which poses a potential threat to the health of babies. In addition, the popularity of infant diapers is higher in economically developed cities and regions, while in rural areas, people still prefer to use traditional diapers, mainly due to the gap in economic income levels and consumption habits.

Experts point out that, compared with developed countries, the penetration rate of infant diapers in developing countries is still low, and third- and fourth-tier cities and township areas will become the main source of demand for market capacity expansion in the next few years. Enterprises can open blue ocean markets such as townships through differentiated product strategies, appropriate consumer guidance and reasonable pricing. For example, research and development of inexpensive and efficient diaper technology; design different kinds of high quality diapers in bulk wholesale for different wearing environments to enrich consumers' choices for consumer groups with different geographies, climates, customs and incomes. What' more, design diapers that can be changed to fit different parts or products that can be reused or recycled. This will not only cater to the consumption ability of parents in third- and fourth-tier cities and rural areas, but also save materials and achieve environmental protection.

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