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Postpartum Disposable Underwear

Do you need disposable underwear after birth?

Postpartum disposable underwear is an important branch of the personal care market segment and a derivative market accompanying consumption upgrades. It helps women solve some embarrassing situations that are easily overlooked when their bodies are weakest. Some mothers may need to rest in bed after giving birth, so the most core need for postpartum disposable underwear to help them solve is convenience. Some mothers may need to rest in bed after giving birth, so the core need of postpartum disposable underwear to help them solve is convenience. Moreover, mothers' body resistance drops rapidly after giving birth. If the underwear is not cleaned, it is easier to breed bacteria, leading to vaginitis or wound inflammation. For mothers who have a caesarean section, the requirements for health and safety may be higher.

Additional advantages are as follows:

● Breathable and light, high elastic and comfortable;

● Natural cotton fabric, healthy and safe;

● Medical-level sterilization, hygienic and safe;

● Individually packaged, clean and hygienic;

● Natural environmental protection, can be naturally degraded.

How many disposable underwear do you need postpartum?

We recommend preparing 10-15 pairs of postpartum disposable underwear. If you need to be hospitalized in the first 2-3 days after giving birth, the hospital will usually let you lie on the bed without underwear and use nursing pads, so that you don't need underwear. But there is still a period of lochia after discharge from the hospital, and you need to wear sanitary pads. If you don't have well-fitting underwear, it's easy to stain pants and quilts, which can be very troublesome. Therefore, it is more suitable to wear postpartum disposable underwear for women when there is a lot of lochia, and it can be thrown away directly if it is soiled. Therefore, during the two weeks when there is a lot of lochia, one pair of postpartum disposable underwear per day is almost enough, so about 15 pairs. Generally, after 2 weeks, the lochia decreases, and you can wear regular underwear.

Pay attention when using: 1. Change it every day, which is a prerequisite for maintaining hygiene. 2. Disposable underwear is a sanitary care product, so there is also the problem of shelf life, and you should check the time limit when purchasing.


What is the best disposable underwear for after birth?

At any time women should choose panties that are breathable, comfortable, stretchy, and made from naturally soft materials. Winner Nonwovens uses 100% cotton spunlace nonwovens to make postpartum disposable panties. There are strict disinfection standards during production to ensure that the aseptic state is packaged, so there is no need to worry about bacterial residues at all, and hygiene is always maintained. Winner Nonwovens do not use any chemical additives such as bleaching agents and fluorescent agents in the production process. 100% cotton creates a healthy and comfortable environment for postpartum women and avoids the risk of cross-infection.

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