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Disinfecting Wipes: a Cleaning and Disinfection Expert on the Go

While many people are still relying on various bottles and jars of disinfectant, quick and convenient hand sanitizing wipes have come to the fore. In the epidemic environment, many families have almost no choice but to disinfect in their regular weekly cleaning, but it is undeniably a very tedious and tiring procedure, and even if you wear all the masks and leather gloves, you have to endure the pungent smell of disinfectant at all times, and be careful not to let the disinfectant splash on you while fighting bacteria.

Compared to this, the disinfectant eco wet wipes are all-purpose and convenient, which are a disinfectant kit. Rub the area that needs to be disinfected gently, let it sit for a few minutes, and then wipe it off with water without too much physical activity, and without considering too many contraindications. And the scope of application is also quite wide, it can be used to wipe the table, wipe the phone, and children's toys, home computer keyboard, etc., which is called the disinfection experts.

1. Disinfectant wipes are suitable for cleaning furniture at home

Appliances, tables, cups, kitchens, bathrooms, stoves, dining tables are the places where bacteria are most likely to breed and should be cleaned most importantly. After disinfecting your home thoroughly, then wipe your hands with a wet wipe, and the cleaning is complete. With disinfection wipes, you can make the daily disinfection work simple and easy. No matter how big your home is and how much clutter there is, it's always a good idea to keep household disinfectant wipes on hand.

2. The convenience of disinfection wipes

Because of the portability of spunlace wipes, various packages and specifications can meet a variety of life scenarios. When you go out, you can choose the small package or the new package that separates wet and dry use, which is more convenient to carry.

3. Good disinfection effect of disinfection wipes with more mild ingredients

Because the disinfectant wipes are acting on the hand or object table, generally its disinfectant active ingredients will be more mild, and toxic side effects are certainly less, but the disinfection effect is not inferior to that of the traditional disinfection methods. Quaternary ammonium salt disinfectant wipes, with quaternary ammonium salt as the effective disinfectant ingredients, have a mild and non-irritating, non-corrosive, non-bleaching effect, with a sterilization rate of up to 99.999%. The main components of commonly used disinfection eco wet wipes OEM are quaternary ammonium salts with low concentrations of alcohols and biguanides in a compound formula, with low corrosiveness, low irritation, relatively long moisturizing time (up to 10 minutes), good sterilization effect and better compatibility with equipment compared to commonly used chlorine-containing disinfectants.

4. Disinfectant wipes are simple to operate with both cleaning and disinfection role

Disinfectant wipes can be used directly by extraction, and there is no need to spend time preparing solutions, cleaning wipes, and no need to remove disinfectant residues, so cleaning and disinfection are completed in one step. Disinfectant wipes are simple and convenient and can help to develop personal disinfection and cleaning habits. Wipe what's dirty, simply give the house a clean. You can also take them with you when you go out, so you can disinfect them when you touch public items, creating a comfortable and clean living environment, and preventing illness and infection.

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