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Five Key Points of Purchasing Soft Cotton Napkin!

Are you using a soft cotton napkin? Should you stock up on soft cotton napkins? Soft cotton napkin is not limited to wash your face, but also can be used in many cases: good soft cotton napkin can be used on the baby: when the baby is drooling, it is used to wipe the face; when baby hands are dirty, it is used to wipe hands; when the baby pooped, it is used to wipe his ass. It's softer and thicker than paper towels, and it works both wet and dry. It's cleaner than a towel. Use it with one pump of it and you don't have to worry about bacteria growing. A soft cotton napkin equals paper towel + wipes + face towel + soft cotton napkin + rag. It's really too useful!

Mothers can also use it to wash their face, remove makeup, apply facial masks, and daily cleaning can also be done with it. But how to choose cotton tissue paper for face? First of all, tell you about the purchase of 5 key points of buying soft cotton napkin:

1. Smooth: Is the smooth cotton tissue paper for face better?

The length of the cotton fiber determines the softness, smoothness and water absorption of the soft cotton napkin. Generally, the "soft cotton napkin" containing chemical fiber is smooth and feels smooth, while the cotton tissue paper for face has a slight astringent feeling, and the higher the cotton content, the softer and more comfortable the pure soft cotton napkin.

2. Bright: Is the bright cotton tissue paper for face better?

The light reflected by the general soft cotton napkin under the light is matte effect, while the transmittance of chemical fiber "soft cotton napkin" is very good, and the "flapping" light is reflected under the light. If you can't distinguish the light, you can directly make a water absorption comparison of soft cotton napkins. Bad soft cotton napkins absorb water very slowly, but good soft cotton napkins absorb water better.

3. Flexibility and wear resistance of cotton tissue paper for face

"Not easy to tear, don't have pilling, not easy to drop the batting.. Is it OK?" When it is fully soaked in water, whether longitudinal or transverse, after repeated pulling it will not tear, with good flexibility and durability. The cloth surface of cotton tissue paper for face is uniform and fine, with less pilling, and is not easy to drop the batting. Don't worry about the batting rubbing or sticking to your baby's skin when you wipe it.

4. Is it safe for cotton tissue paper for face to take the place of paper for food?

"Can be used as placemat paper?" Because it is clean and hygienic, it can be used to replace the non-stick cloth in the steamer, for cooking steamed buns and auxiliary food, or as a cushion paper.

5. Correctly understand the size of the cotton tissue paper for face

"Is it true that the bigger the cotton tissue paper for face, the better?" For most people in the choice of soft cotton napkin, there is a misunderstanding: the bigger the better. In fact, the size can be selected according to the use scenario. The cost of soft cotton napkin is high, so generally it will not be made large and thick.

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