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Disinfection Moisture Wipes Protect Your Health

There is no guarantee when the epidemic will end. What we can do is to actively vaccinate, at the same time to do a good job of self-disinfection and protection, to protect their health. The most important thing to do a good job of disinfection protection is to wear a mask and prepare disinfection moisture wipes. Therefore, how to choose disinfection moisture wipes has become the focus of many people's attention.

1. Choose the right disinfection moisture wipes

In the face of a wide range of disinfection moisture wipes on the market, many people are dazzled and do not know how to choose. So I will consult friends around or follow the recommendation of sales staff. In fact, the best disinfection moisture wipes are never recommended by others, but suitable for their own.

It's not that the disinfection moisture wipes recommended by others are bad, but the disinfection moisture wipes they recommend may not be the most suitable for our own use. When we choose disinfection moisture wipes, we should choose according to our own constitution and preferences. For example, friends and sales staff recommend 75% alcohol disinfection moisture wipes to you, and the disinfection effect of alcohol disinfection moisture wipes is really good, but if you do not like the irritating smell of alcohol, have alcohol allergy or someone in the family is allergic to alcohol, then alcohol disinfection moisture wipes is not suitable for you to use.

Families with children and the elderly should also be careful when choosing disinfection moisture wipes: the child's skin is delicate and the child's immune system is not fully formed; In terms of the elderly, due to old age, their constitution becomes weak, so some safe and soft non-stimulating disinfection moisture wipes should be selected. Some disinfection ingredients in the stock solution of disinfection moisture wipes are toxic or irritating to the human body, so we must avoid them when choosing. There are also some disinfection moisture wipes added with essence and other ingredients, so we should be careful when choosing.

2. Disinfection moisture wipes are based on non-woven fabric, fabric, dust-free paper or other raw materials

Disinfection moisture wipes are disposable sanitary products that use purified water as production water and add preservatives, disinfectants, essences, curing fluids and other auxiliary materials in appropriate amount. They can disinfect, inhibit bacteria, clean and protect skin on the surface of human body or objects. Fungicide formula is standard and scientific, and has bactericidal effect on Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, Escherichia coli and other microorganisms.

Since the 1970s, moisture wipes as a food cleaning tool began to rise. By the 1990s, with the development of consumers' health habits and the improvement of life quality, the function of moisture wipes has gradually transformed from non-essential to daily necessities, and its use and application fields have been greatly expanded. With the steady development of the disinfection moisture wipes industry, in order to further improve the level of independent innovation, comprehensively promote brand construction, strengthen the construction of ecological civilization, accelerate the industry structure adjustment as the key work, to ensure the realization of the industry, scientific and technological innovation, brand creation, green development goals.

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