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Can Baby Soft Moisture Wipes Be Used to Wipe Face?

Newborn baby's skin is very delicate, so it is not allowed to use the towel to wipe the face. Baby soft moisture wipes have the hydration and moisturizing effect on the skin, and it is soft, and does not contain alcohol, which generally can be used to wipe the baby's face. Of course, try not to use moisture wipes to wipe face, and washing your baby's face with warm water is a better choice. If you want to use moisture wipes, it is recommended that mother test the ingredients of moisture wipes first, who can use a moisture wipe heater to heat it before using it for the baby. Pick baby moisture wipes by smelling, looking at ingredients, and pulling the wipes to identify quality. Here is the detailed knowledge introduction.

1. Choose baby moisture wipes for baby's face

Newborn baby's skin is thin and delicate, and sebaceous glands, sweat glands and other functional development are not mature. It is sensitive to bacterial infection and erosion by alkaline substances, and its resistance is weak. It is easy to be stimulated to produce skin allergies and even erosion. And in order to keep the baby fresh and clean, parents often give the baby a bath. The result is that the baby skin's natural protective film will be washed away, the skin will become very dry. Baby environmentally friendly wet wipes are designed to clean the baby's body.

Baby environmentally friendly wet wipes usually do not contain alcohol, generally contain ingredients such as aloe vera, glycerin, natural vegetable oil, baby special lotion. Such moisture wipes can be used to wipe the baby's face. And although soft moisture wipes are designed for baby cleaning, adults can also use them. For example, soft moisture wipes are mild and non-irritating, can be used to remove light makeup, or for daily cleaning, disinfection, hygiene, etc.

2. What do we need to notice when we use baby soft moisture wipes to wipe baby's face

(1) Test the ingredients of the moisture wipes first

Before giving the baby to use moisture wipes to wipe the face, it is recommended that mothers do a test: you can wipe the back of their hand, if you feel alcohol stimulation, do not give the baby to use. Besides, in the winter, when using the baby moisture wipes, it is recommended that it can be heated first, so that the baby will be more comfortable.

(2) Heat the moisture wipes before wiping the face

You can buy a moisture wipes heater, but when buying, it is best to buy a better quality product produced by wet wipes manufacturer. When a bad quality product is used to heat the moisture wipes, it is easy to take away the moisture in the moisture wipes.

3. How to choose soft moisture wipes for the baby?

(1) Smell

Poor-quality moisture wipes will have a very heavy pungent taste, and such moisture wipes cannot be used for the baby, while good-quality oem wet wipes will convey a soft and elegant fragrance. The best choice of moisture wipes for your baby is fragrance-free, which will not irritate the skin.

(2) Check the ingredients

When buying, first make sure that the product is exclusive to infants and toddlers, and then look at the ingredient list on the package. The moisture wipes for babies must be alcohol-free, fragrant-free, non-irritating and non-fluorescent.

(3) Pull the moisture wipes

Good baby moisture wipes are soft and white, feel very heavy, and can be pulled without any deformation or damage phenomenon, while bad moisture wipes are not so white, and are easily deformed and torn when pulled.

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