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Disposable bath towels give you the security of travel

Whether it's work or travel, you can't avoid staying in a hotel. But the hotel towel always let us worry, because on the Internet, the hotel health problems are also frequently exposed. The most worried thing is that the hotel is not clean! Ordinary bath towels brought from home cannot dry out soon after washing. Thanks to disposable soft cotton bath towel, it is not only clean and sanitary, but also dry out soon.

Are you worried about the cleanliness of your hotel when you're going out? In recent years, it is often reported that hotels are dirty and bad, and there are even many high-end hotels that we are familiar with. Often such reports will make the travelers vulnerable to travel panic. Look at our luggage full of all kinds of beautiful clothes and essentials, there is no extra space to cram so many towels. In order to solve everyone's troubles, we introduced disposable towels for travel, which occupy a small area and can be thrown away after use. There are also disinfection sets, which can avoid health risks in the hotel and make everyone feel at ease on holiday.

1. Thickened and large disposable soft cotton bath towels

The soft cotton bath towel is different from the common compressed towel on the market. This towel is packaged in a folded, self-contained package, so that it is ready to be opened without soaking in water. Thickened and large disposable soft cotton bath towels can better cover and wipe the body. Skin friendly texture, soft and comfortable. Bath towel adopts three-dimensional pearl pattern, with better water absorption, feeling thicker. The size is large enough to fit around the body. Bath towels in the house can also cause itching and acne if not washed regularly or properly. Soft cotton bath towel preferably adopts plant fiber, spunlaced non-woven technology, with no harmful substances. Sanitary and clean, it is more soft and comfortable, more skin friendly!

High quality cotton fiber is adopted, with no chemical bleaching, no fluorescent agent, so adults and children can be safe to use. Independent packaging, convenient and healthy, small size, convenient storage, easy to carry, enjoy the journey without worry. It does not drop the batting, and it has a very good skin-friendly feeling.

Besides travel, it is also suitable for everyday use. Sometimes in humid climate, towels and bath towels can not be dried for half a day. So keep some at home for emergency use.

2. Disposable compressed towel with independent packaging, safe and healthy

Open the packaging and use it, throw it away after use. It is as small as a candy, occupying a little space in the bag. Use disposable towels when you go out, so you don't have to worry about skin problems caused by bacteria and mites. After wiping your face, you can use it to wipe a sink. Compressed towel can also be used to wipe the table, shoes and so on. It is very convenient to use it, and it can be used for multiple purposes.


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