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Do You Know the Difference Between Cotton Cosmetic Pads?

Many girls usually use cotton pads mainly to wipe lotion. They always feel that it is wasteful to put lotion on cotton pads. Most girls have such a mentality. In fact, it is not the case. If you choose the right one, you can save half of the lotion, and it is more conducive to the absorption of the face. Next, Winner Medical will teach you how to distinguish cotton pads, how to choose cotton pads, and see what the effects of different cotton cosmetic pads are.

Ⅰ. Classification of cotton pads commonly used in the market

(1) Cotton pads with clips

In terms of this kind of facial cotton puff with clips, the cotton and the liquid are not easy to run off, and it is mainly used for wiping lotion.

(2) Cotton pads that are rough to the touch and very thin in texture

These thin cotton cosmetic pads are made of man-made fibers and are best for removing makeup, as they are rough to the touch and easily carry away the residue of makeup removal. After using it for a long time, you will find that it saves lotion, so it has the reputation of "saving one-half lotion". Therefore, if you use it to wipe the more expensive lotion around you, you don't have to feel distressed anymore.

(3) Layered cotton pads

These cotton makeup pads are all pure cotton and can be separated into several layers, which is the most suitable for water film.

(4) Natural cotton pads

This kind of cotton pads is very soft and thick to the touch, the color is not so white, and it is not bleached, or even slightly yellow, so it is the most natural cotton pad, which is very suitable for girls with sensitive skin because it is less irritating to the skin.

Ⅱ. Choosing the right cotton pad will make you do more with less

The easiest and smallest way to tell the difference between cotton and man-made fibers: Rip. When you are ripping it, man-made fibers are not easy to break, and pure cotton is easy to break. This method can basically distinguish them. A facial cotton puff can be used as a towel. Generally, we change towels after a while, relatively frequently. And you need to clean it from time to time in the middle. If you wash it irregularly, the bacteria on the towel will continue to breed, causing great damage to our skin. We can use cotton makeup remover pads as small towels, which are clean and easy to use, and the cost is very low. Compared with frequently changing towels, this method is still very feasible. In terms of selection, you need to choose facial cotton pads with good water absorption and a soft texture. Generally, cotton cosmetic pads with clips are the best choice, and layered and natural ones are also acceptable. The most important thing in choosing is to choose a cotton pad with a purely natural texture to reduce friction and irritation.

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