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Knowledge About Makeup Cotton That Cannot Be Ignored

There is a small, unremarkable thing that we often see but probably ignore: makeup cotton. Today's girls may all contact with makeup cotton, but how much do we know about makeup cotton?

1. Why do we have to use makeup cottons?

(1) The second cleaning of the skin

All the people who sell makeup toner will tell you its function: the first important function is to complete the cleansing procedure. That is to say, after you use the cleanser, you need a makeup toner to complete the cleaning process. If you can match the makeup cotton, the fiber material of makeup cotton will be able to wash the dirt that the cleanser has not washed off. Or some residue of the cleanser can also be washed. Therefore, it can help the makeup toner to carry out better secondary cleaning, because if the cleanser is not clean, in fact, our skin will also be damaged a little.

(2) Easy to control the amount of makeup toner

It is more economical to use makeup cottons to apply makeup toner. You can use pure water to wet the makeup cotton first, press it slightly, then put it in a small empty box and put it in the refrigerator. It is saturated, so when you pour the makeup toner again, the makeup toner will not be absorbed by the cotton, so it is completely on the surface of the makeup cotton. Besides, it is cold, so when it is wiped, it can calm the skin, shrink pores, and can save a lot of makeup toner.

(3) Aseptic and more hygienic

On this point, you may think that the beauty room is not a food factory, there is no hygiene problem, and this role of makeup cotton is not so fully necessary. If you use a makeup cotton, instead of using your hands to apply makeup toner, it will definitely be more hygienic, because hands are indeed prone to bacteria, and our usual hand-washing methods can't completely remove bacteria.

(4) Wipe evenly, wipe to the dead corner

First of all, do you know where is the dead center of our face? In fact, it is the nose, the part around the mouth, etc. Makeup cottons can be used to deal with these places, because of its own fibers, which are more detailed and thoughtful than the hand. Speaking of evenness, if we pour makeup toner on our hands, we cannot cover the forehead, chin and other important places, so there are many dead corners that makeup cottons can be used to wipe evenly.

2. The classification of makeup cotton

Makeup cotton is generally divided into two kinds, non-woven fabric and pure cotton sheet. Nonwoven fabric, as the name implies, has not went through the spinning process, so there is no cotton in it. The biggest difference between them is that cotton sheets will have crumbs, and non-woven fabric has no crumbs. In comparison, it is not possible to say which of these two is better. Strictly speaking, it depends on the time you use to decide which one is the most appropriate.

In addition to this big type, there is a makeup cotton with a pattern on it, and sometimes you can put your finger on it and use it to exfoliate. Because it has grooves, so it's good for getting dead skin around your nose and so on.

Another kind of cotton sheet looks fleshy. When pinched on both sides, it has a small slot. It is thick in the middle with a very solid feeling. This cotton sheet has a so-called water-locking layer, or waterproof layer, which prevents penetration. Because many toners have large bottle mouths, it's easy to pour a lot of them at once, and using this impermeable makeup cotton can prevent it. This kind of makeup cotton is usually used to apply eye mask. For example, if your eyes are tired today and you wear makeup all day, you can put some makeup toner on this kind of cotton, and it is best to use the toner containing essence, which does not need to be wet with water, and you can directly cover it on the eyelid as an eye mask. If you have corner lines, or because of the season and need, you won't have to buy another eye mask.

In addition, many girls will find their corners of their mouths dry, and some people will peel. You can also put on skin care products and cover the makeup cotton on them to do local hydration.

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