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Do You Know the Material of the Cotton Tissue Paper You Use?

The cotton tissue paper that does not wipe off the scraps and does not break when saturated can be said to be a must-have daily necessities for every household. Especially for families with babies, using cotton tissue papers can not only save the use of paper towels, but also avoid the damage of towels to the skin. Why are cotton tissue papers so popular? What are the materials of cotton tissue paper? Do you know what kind of cotton tissue paper you are using?

1. Raw materials of cotton tissue paper

There are 4 types of raw materials for cotton tissue paper: 100% cotton fiber, viscose fiber (also known as vegetable fiber, artificial cotton), viscose polyester blended material, polyester. Winner Medical cotton tissue paper is made of cotton by opening and removing impurities, combing it into a net, and puncturing the cotton net with a high-speed jet water needle, so that the fibers are entangled to form a dense cotton spunlace non-woven fabric.

2. Description of all kinds of raw materials of cotton tissue paper

(1) 100% cotton fiber

This material is derived from natural cotton fibers, which can be subdivided into fine-staple cotton, long-staple cotton and coarse-staple cotton. The higher the cotton fiber grade, the better the softness and aesthetics of the resulting cotton product.

(2) Viscose fiber (also known as plant fiber, artificial cotton)

This material is made by extracting cellulose from the roots, stems, leaves and fruits of plants, and it is also natural. Plant fibers have good water absorption capacity and toughness, and are cost-effective. Basically, face towels on the market use this material.

100% cotton fiber and viscose fiber are all natural raw materials, which are more suitable for babies.

In terms of raw materials, cotton fibers are better and softer to the skin. In terms of processed cotton tissue papers, viscose fiber products are tougher and less prone to breakage.

(3) Viscose, polyester blended material

As the name suggests, it is a mixture of viscose fiber and polyester fiber, generally in a ratio of 6:4 or 7:3. The higher the polyester content, the lower the price.

(4) Polyester

Polyester is a synthetic fiber raw material. This material is the main component of wet wipes. If it is made into cotton tissue papers, the water absorption capacity is too poor, which affects the use.

There are two types of cotton tissue papers on the market: one is made of pure cotton material, and the other is cotton soft material made of artificial fiber. The cotton tissue paper made of 100% cotton is soft and delicate to the touch. The artificial chemical fiber cotton tissue paper is relatively cheap, but it will shed scraps and feel slippery. The softness mainly depends on the feel when it is dry. The 100% cotton feels softer and better, and the effect is matte under the light. The artificial fiber tissue paper will feel smooth to the touch, and the hand feeling will not be particularly soft, and it will also show a "glowing and shining" effect under the illumination of the light.

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