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​Cotton Wipes or Normal Wipes? There Are Secrets You Do Not Know

Recently, we have been receiving feedback from mothers ——

As first-time mothers, they are happy but nervous and even at a loss. They are careful about everything their babies use because they are afraid to harm the young and fragile life. Recently, they are wondering whether to use wet wipes for their babies?


Therefore, how to choose a safe and reliable baby cotton wipe? What should the standard be? Why does PurCotton insist on producing 100% cotton wet wipes OEM?

You will have an idea after reading this article. And we will start with four questions.



It is inevitable that babies like to chew their hands while they are growing up. However, babies less than 6 months have no sense of taste and they cannot distinguish autonomously. How to help choose safe wet towel wipes for hands and mouths for babies?

A. Wipes are almost the same and normal wipes in the supermarket are the same for babies

B. Cotton wipes with pure natural material and no chemical fiber should be chosen

C. The ingredients of hand and mouth wipes should be subtracted, and invalid and harmful additions should be rejected

Keywords: natural fiber, close to 0 allergenicity

Choose BC. Feel at ease to wipe your baby's mouth!

Since the baby's skin is delicate, PurCotton uses 100% natural cotton for cotton wipes, which is close to zero allergies, adopts pure material and composition, and refuse to use invalid additions.



It is common to be in a hurry when caring for babies, and it is always inevitable to forget the seal the cotton wipes so that the moisturizing characteristics are immediately highlighted. Why?

A. It has a special structure of the cotton fiber

B. There are many hydrophilic groups (-OH) on cellulose macromolecules

C. Cotton fiber is a porous wet wipes material with a hollow structure and strong water storage

Keywords: durable water dry

Choose ABC. The hollow structure of cotton fiber (hollow porous structure has strong water storage) creates a "natural reservoir". Therefore, after opening, it is more water-retaining than chemical fiber wipes, and even the last one is moisturized.

*Non-cotton wipes: do not have the porous hollow structure of the cotton



The destructive power of babies is always beyond your imagination. How to gently and effectively help the baby to wipe? What makes an excellent wipe?

A. Wipe stains will not penetrate the hands

B. Moisture grading can be controlled when gently rub and press

C. It is soft and elastic, not irritating to the baby's skin

Keywords: soft and skin-friendly, friction without hurting the skin

Choose ABC. Excellent wipes should have these three points.

The hand and mouth cotton wipes for babies from PurCotton use 100% natural cotton, which is close to 0 allergens. Each piece of wipes is a high-cost 4-layer cotton composite to create a natural water storage structure. Good cotton has strong water absorption and is more skin-friendly. It is resistant to pull and not easy to break, and can easily clean all types of stains.



How many times the natural degradation rate of the cotton wipes is that of the non-cotton (chemical fiber) wipes?

A. 10 times

B. 80 times

C. 800 times

Keywords: environmental protection, sustainable

Choose C. 200 years × 12 months ÷ 3 months = 800 times

Cotton is produced once a year. The discarded cotton wipes can be naturally degraded in 3 months and become organic fertilizer that is recyclable and sustainable. However, it takes 200 years for (the non-cotton wipes) chemical fiber to be degraded.

Do you have a new understanding of "choosing cotton wipes for baby" now?

More than 90% of the wipes on the market are plastic wipes without cotton. However, As a leading wet wipes supplier, PurCotton has focused on 100% cotton wipes for 12 years. Do you want to know how the baby's cotton wipes are produced? A video will take you through. It is hoped that every mother can choose their favorite baby cotton wipes. You may be interested in Winner Nowovens' skincare OEMwholesale padsspunlace wipeswholesale tamponswholesale newborn diapers, etc. Contact us for more information.

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