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Eight Characteristics of High Quality Diapers

What are the characteristics of high quality diapers? Diapers are essential for babies, so parents should choose carefully. Today, Winner Medical will tell you what are the characteristics of high quality diapers, so that you can easily buy high quality diapers in bulk wholesale. The eight characteristics of high quality diapers are as follows.

1. High quality diapers with soft texture

Only diapers whose inner and outer layers are made of super soft cotton material can better protect the baby's delicate skin.

2. High quality diapers with super water absorption

Integral ultra-thin and super-absorbent high quality diapers with polymer water-absorbing resin can instantly absorb urines for many times, keeping your baby dry and comfortable.

3. High quality diapers are long-lasting and dry

The wet isolation and protection diapers with four layers of water-locking layers and two-layer dispersion diversion layer can quickly lock the urine without re-osmosis, so as to let the baby enjoy the dryness that can be touched, and ensure that the sleeping baby is not disturbed by the wet diaper. Besides, it reduces the chance of developing diaper rash.

4. Moisturizing protective layer of high quality diapers

High quality diapers produced by professional baby diaper supplier Winner will add natural aloe vera skin care ingredients to the non-woven fabric on the surface to form a soft protective layer containing emollient ingredients to moisturize the baby's delicate skin.

5. Leak-proof design of high quality diapers

Choose diapers in bulk wholesale with a leak-proof design, which will prevent your baby's excrement from seeping out. Also pay attention to whether the leg leak guard is too tight and uncomfortable for the baby.

6. High quality diapers are light and breathable

Irregular excretion of babies makes it difficult for new parents to grasp the rule, so the use of diapers with a highly breathable soft outer layer can ensure that the sultry moisture can be discharged at any time, allowing better air circulation and helping the little butt stay comfortable and dry.

7. High quality diapers should be suitable

Every baby has a different body shape, so mothers should choose diapers that are tailored and designed to suit the baby's own characteristics. In addition, diapers with a narrow crotch design can make the baby move more freely and can effectively prevent "O" legs.

8. High quality diapers with elastic side waist

The side waist is the most active part of the baby. The high quality diapers with a truly super elastic side waist design can ensure that it always fits the entire waist of the baby, stretches freely, and has no gaps.

Of course, sometimes you need to comprehensively judge whether you need to upgrade the size of diapers based on factors such as your baby's actual urination volume, waist circumference, and tightness at the base of thighs, and you can't decide it simply by weight. For example, if you wake up every morning and find that your baby's diaper has bulged into a bag and feels wet to the touch, you must consider upgrading the size. In addition, if the diaper's waistline tape is getting tighter and tighter, or the elastic band at the bottom of the thigh makes a red mark on the baby's skin, it is also necessary to consider changing to a larger size diaper immediately at this time. These judgment criteria or basis will not be too complicated. At that time, novice parents and nurses can pay more attention to observation. You're welcome to buy diapers in bulk from Winner, a leading baby diaper manufacturer in China, right now!

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