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How Did Soft Cotton Napkins Win the Trust of Mothers?

According to the survey report: 60% of the respondents have a monthly household income of more than 10,000 yuan, and the post-85s and post-90s have become the main force of mother and baby consumers. In addition, the post-90s generation has entered the peak period of childbirth. Compared with the post-70s and post-80s, the new generation of mothers in the post-90s are willing to spend more money to buy higher-quality baby products.

Different from other categories, because maternal and infant products are mainly suitable for infants and children aged 0 to 12, product safety is the most important factor for users, and consumer decision-making will also pay more attention to the safety of infant and child products, as well as cost performance and reputation. In order to cater to the high-quality consumption concept of mother and baby consumers, the production of soft cotton napkins strictly controls materials and production links, brings new choices to families who pay attention to skin health and pursue quality, and strives to become the most trusted brand for every mother.

1. Soft cotton napkins are produced by cotton spunlace non-woven technology

The soft cotton napkin is made of natural materials and scientific and rigorous technology. It can be used as the saliva towel, sweat towel, small handkerchief and wet towel, etc., to solve the baby's daily cleaning needs and give the baby a gentle and fresh feeling. In order to make every touch of the baby gentle, the soft cotton napkin is made of high-quality long-staple cotton, and is produced by the cotton spunlace non-woven technology. It has the characteristics of soft and exquisite, good water absorption, no debris removal, high tear strength, strong cleaning force, etc., as well as delicate and comfortable touch, which takes care of the baby's delicate skin.

2. Soft cotton napkins become must-have nursings item for newborn families

The love for the baby is never too much! Because the thickness of the baby's skin is only 1/10 of that of the adult's skin, it is thin and lacks elasticity, the resistance is weaker, and it is more likely to cause allergies. Therefore, every product that comes into contact with the baby must take safety as the first principle to minimize adverse effects. For the care of the delicate skin of infants and young children, cotton tissue paper has gradually become one of the essential care items for newborn families.

(1) Wet and dry use. Wet it with warm water to wipe the baby's body, with no fear of cold in winter.

(2) Clean the baby's mouth, gums and tongue coating.

(3) Safely clean sensitive parts such as the eyes and cornes of the baby's mouth.

(4) Wipe the face, and hands and feet are not easy to become red.

(5) It can replace the paper pads for the cooking of baby food supplements.

(6) It can wipe baby tableware, toys, clean and sterile, etc.

(7) The soft cotton napkin is multi-purpose, efficient and convenient. The size fits the mother's hand-width ratio and is easy to use.

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